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Now Is The Time- The Clark Sisters #TBT


Musique's Playlist for the Week

Hey Family, I pray that your Monday was well. Here are some songs from my playlist to get you through the week, Love ya, Yannick

@FaithEvans- For the Love of the People (The Clark Sisters Cover)

Singing Diva and #Incomparable Songstress Faith Evans has given me life tonight!!!  You all know that I'm a Clark Sisters Fan and I'm a Music Addict. Well Tonight, thanks to a good friend, Devin,

Karen Clark-Sheard "Sunday AM" Cover By @Rudy_Currence

Meet Grammy & Dove Award Winning Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Rudy Currence.  This talented and anointed minstrel has wowed audiences around the world with his awesome and heavenly musical abilities.
  With his opus The Currence Chronicles, Rudy demonstrates why he has been hailed as "The Rudy Currence Experience."  When you hear Rudy Currence sing, your ears, body, and soul will experience an ethereal energy like none other has known.

Paradise-Faith Evans Featuring Karen Clark Sheard and B. Slade

Don't You want to live in Paradise? What do you get when you gather Faith Evans, B. Slade, and Karen Clark Sheard? A Paradise straight from the musical heart of God.


In Day 2 of this Journey of refreshing, I'm learning that when all looks lost, there are blessings behind closed doors.  This week I'm having  a lot of challenges arise, however, I do believe that things are going to work out like they should. I refuse to stress and I refuse to lose faith and hope.
  Even with trying to complete my first album and moved to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area), I realize that everything is going to work out in due time.  As I put my best foot forward and really seek the best and good in all things, I do speak and call forth every blessing and great thing that God has for me.  Whenever one door closes several windows of blessings open and God will rain the blessings out upon you.
  Remember there are blessings behind closed doors.

Sunday A.M.- Karen Clark Sheard

It's Sunday Morning.  Time to Get A Word from the Lord!!! Love ya, Musique

Favor -Karen Clark Sheard Cover

Singing is my Passion. Music is my life. Many of you may have seen my cover/rough draft of Karen Clark Sheard's "Favor," from the album "It's Not Over Live."   I'm trying my hand and recording with my home studio. Right now I am in the process of working on an album and getting my music that I've produced and written, licensed under copyright and to try to do a debut album.  Below you will find the video of the cover of "Favor." Also if you want to contribute concerning the move to DMV as well as My Music career you can click on the widget below the video or click on the widget on the right side of the blog site. Love ya and Enjoy,

Karen Clark Sheard -"Amazing Grace" from the BET Honors