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Kerry Washington's Speech on LGBT Rights at #GLAAD Awards


Texas Ad Company Will Remove "EX GAY" Billboard

A Dallas billboard promoting futile Reparative Therapy for Homosexuality will be removed. Terry Kafka, President of Impact Advertising has stated that the billboard that promotes "Focused therapy, authentic counseling, real therapy," that really works, will come down.  It even includes a url to "Ex-Gay" Therapist David Pickup's website as pictured above.
 Kafka stated that until Wednesday morning that he had been unaware of the billboard and what it was promoting.  Kafka "had been told and led to believe this is a marriage therapy, that it's couples' therapy. Now we're looking at the website and we see that was not actually the case. To be very honest with you, we had no idea what we were putting up." 
Kafka states that as president of the company, Impact advertising, had they known what the billboard was about it would've went through more critical examination. The company believes in the "live and let live" policy.
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Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15, 1929 - April 4th, 1968

Happy Birthday to a humanitarian, a hero to the world, and man of strength. Thank you for daring to dream, and bursting hate at the seam. Your legacy lives on for this, Black Man who dares to dream for civil rights for all. Some, I will appall, but your legacy and vision still stands tall. Thank you and Happy Birthday

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The Sanctity of Marriage


Gay Bashed in the Queen City

Gay bashing is a touchy subject and is a plague within the LGBT Community.  Many of us have stories to tell about being gay bashed. I have stories too. Many of us have been bashed by family with words, physically with violence, and even by the church.
  Well on Sunday evening during an outing with friends I was actually verbally bashed. My friends (and I'm changing names to protect identity) were heading out to celebrate my brother, Cal's birthday that is this week, and we decided to get all done up and gussied up and go out to have fun at one of our favorite spots.  While Cal and my friend, Troy, were dressed in urban wear and the latest fashion, I decided to go as what we term in the LGBT, Ballroom scene, Butch Queen.  Butch Queen means that a dude does not does full drag however, wears female apparel which may include heels, a nice feminine shirt, and the proper accessories.
  Many of you are familiar with this term from the hit documentary "Paris is Burning,"