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You Say "Queen" Like It's a Bad Thing

In the LGBTQ Community, the word "queen," is often used to describe a feminine or flamboyantly gay man.  It is often times used in a derogatory meaning.  Now remember the original meaning of the word "queen," is a woman who rules or a woman who was chosen to royalty due to birthright.   Well this weekend I went out with some friends to relieve some stress and to enjoy some me and the crew time since it has been a while since I had been out and about. Well I went and meet a friend that we'll call "Randy" at one of the spots that is known for great entertainment and hot dance music   Well I met a friend of Randy's that I didn't know.  We'll call him "Terry." Well, I was dancing and Terry says to me "Wow, you dance like a queen," and laughed. I laughed as well. I then said "I know. I am a queen."   Terry laughed and I continued to dance and ignore him.   The shade of it all was the fact that he was more flambo…