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Desperate Men, Moscato, and Musique

It's Saturday Night/Early (1am) Sunday Morning and I'm up watching television and relaxing before bed. As I sip on some sweet, ole Moscato, watching "Django," starring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, I can't help but recap on life and some of the experiences that I've had in life, especially over the last couple days.
  One thing that you will hear me say is "thirsty is not cute."  This means that desperate men are not attractive to me.  If you show that you can't handle "no" for an answer and you keep begging and saying "no one loves or wants me," then you've not only pissed me off, but you've allowed me to see why you are single.
  See I've come to realize that no one wants a desperate, begging man. Why? Most people want someone who is assertive and able to stand their ground...NOT SOMEONE WHO'S BEGGING FOR ATTENTION.
  It's like this in order to be loved by someone else you must first love yourse…