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@DreBae_ That Elegant Confidence

If you hating on me, I take that as a compliment

You must not love yourself & got offended by my confidence 💎 — Elegant💎 (@Drebae_) February 27, 2018

Number 17 by Dezmen Alexander


@dbleDBLEzero Andrew M Explains Sex Vs.Gender Vs. Sexuality

Youtuber, Andrew M of Daily Double Zero, has something to say concerning gender, sex, and sexuality.  This health guru and vlogger Let's us know the difference between the Three.  Check His video out below!!!

Have a Sexy Friday

Have A Sexy Friday.
Stay Beautiful. Have a great, safe weekend.

A Refreshing: I Can't Quit

Sometimes in life we need what I call a "a refreshing." What is a refreshing? A refreshing is a new or different experience that restores the mind body and soul.
  That is where I am at right now.  I need a refreshing. I need something new in my life. I need new ideas, and I need a change of scenery.
  We all go through that period in life to where the ordinary won't do. This comes after thinking about closing this blog. However, talking to my friend, BB, I changed my mind. BB told me "You'll be fine, Sugar. Stop thinking so hard."
  The truth is, sometimes I do have a tendency to over think things when it comes down to what I want to do for this blog.  It's coming to a point to where I have to stop doing that. Over thinking causes brain farts as well as stress, depression, worried, and unnecessary headaches.
  I'm thankful for this conversation on tonight. I can't quit until it is time for me to quit this blog and move on to bigger and bet…