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R. Kelly Stages Performance in NC Amid Protests

So, R. Kelly doesn't really get it does it. So On Friday, May 11th, 2018, R. Kelly, actually had the gall to stage a performance in North Carolina begging his fans to support him during his week from hell.   As you know, Spotify has a new "hateful conduct" policy that has caused R. Kelly's music to be pulled from their catalogue. What did you expect R. Kelly? You're a sexual predator. We have video evidence you idiot!!   However, he was met with protests outside of the venue. According to MSN Entertainment “Sometimes, some storms ain’t gonna stop,” Kelly told the audience during his nearly one-hour performance. “As long as my fans are calling for me, I’m gonna be on that stage, singing these songs.”
So he did include mentions of God in his show and what not, but the storm still didn't end. Women's groups called to demand that the Greensboro Coliseum days after Kelly was disinvited from a Chicago concert. Although unannounced, iTunes aka AppleMusic have …

Diana Prince-B . Slade

B. Slade is wowing our ears again with "Diana Prince." This dance track will remind of you 1980's Janet Jackson, Prince, with the authenticity of B. Slade. This track goes hard. Check it out below. GO DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!!!

Diana Prince by B.Slade

En Vogue is Back with "Rocket"

The Funky Divas are back!!! After there lackluster release "Soul Flower," I must say that En Vogue 
has slammed us with the the hit single "Rocket." Let's give the stylist and stage managers a hand on 
making it look fabulous.
Get into "Rocket" after the jump.

Help (Vanessa Bell Armstrong Cover)- Yannick Taylor


The Clark Sisters- Family Christmas #TCS #KCS #DCC #TCT #JCC

Get "Family Christmas" by the Clark Sisters Today!!! This album includes stirring renditions of our favorite Christmas Classics such as "Silent Night," "The Chipmunk's Song" and "This Christmas" featuring J. Moss and Kierra "KiKi" Sheard. Preview below!!!

War & Leisure -Miguel #GETITNOW on #iTunes

Don't Stop -Yannick Taylor #TBT

Pass Me Not


Yannick, Where Are You?


Get "Don't Stop" by Yannick Taylor

Now Is The Time- The Clark Sisters #TBT


Together of Spartanburg


Look To The Hills


Rest in Power Prince

It is with sadness that I report that we have lost a Music Icon!!! Prince (Rogers Nelson) left this earth on April 21, 2016 to join the great Music Revue in the Sky!!! His Music Lives On!!!

#NEWMUSIC Yannick Taylor "Who I Am"

Be Sure to Pick Up my New single "Who I Am" above at

@SonyCobain Jack'd


Please Help Yannick!!!!

Many of you all know that I'm an up and coming artist.  I need your help in making my goal of recording. The above youcaring is a fundraising effort in order to complete the initial stages of incorporating my company as well as obtaining the correct musical equipment. Below is a video of my work, Yannick

@BSladeNow An Artist Reborn

Award winning Artist, B. Slade discusses his journey and personal discovery with Justin Pye.

Dorinda Clark Cole Tribute to Kim Burrell Essence Festival 2015


@BSladeNow WYD #NewMusicAlert

Award Winning, Hard Hitter, and Truth Teller B. Slade is Back with a hot new single!!! "WYD," a common short hand used, is giving life as B. Slade warns us of "niggaz be undercover but trying to blow your cover," and being careful that  you  "please don't let these three letters turn into three other letters."
As CEO Of Suxxess Records, B. Slade slays us with "WYD," which is available on Bandcamp. The Chi-Town Knock will captivate your senses and knock you into an eargasm!!!  Check "WYD" Out Below.

WYD by B.Slade