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Coming February 1, 2018: Naked Colors

Well I have exciting news for you all. Starting on February 1st, 2018, I have a new podcast that will be premiering. It is called Naked Colors. It will be dealing with the Naturist lifestyle. I am very much excited about this podcast. I will also be uploading the videos to youtube. Be on the look out for those. Captions will be enabled for those who are hearing impaired for the Youtube Videos. Get ready to be educated!!!

Travel Life's Seas


This year has been a great year. I've traveled but not really for pleasure. Most of the time it's been for business, competition, or religious things.  One thing that I haven't done is travel for pleasure. I haven't had the time because I've been so busy working and trying to move to DC.
  The last major vacation I really took was when I went to Haulover Beach in Miami and to attend a ball.  I guess I just want some time away doing what I love to do as far as naturism, touring, partying, and just relaxing for a change.
  I rarely get that opportunity due to finances.  Thankfully, things are getting ready to change and I'm thankful.
Just a quick blog post,

Let's Talk About Naturism on the Black, Trans, Beautiful Podcast


Nudity and Body Image

Many of you know that I'm a nudist and that I enjoy pure non sexual nudism.  Being a nudist, I've learned that many people have a misconception that you have to have the perfect body in order to be naked. Check out my nudist Vlog below for my perspective on Nudity and Body Image.

Nudity and Body Image from TheBlackQueerNudist on Vimeo.