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"Greenleaf" and the Black Church Part 2: Prostitution of the Blaqueer

Part 1 of my "Greenleaf" blog series is up!!!

  For those who have kept up with one of the two Gay Story Lines in Oprah's new show "Greenleaf"  , you know that I'm about to go the fuck OFF about the prostitution of the Blaqueer community and the bullshit we often go through in the Black Church.
  In the last couple episodes of Greenleaf a new praise and worship leader by the name of Carlton Cruise, played by actor Parnell Damone Marcano, is sought out by The Bishop's singing daughter, Charity, played by Deborah Joy Winans (yes she's Bebe and Cece's Sister). Now the shade is that Charity's husband Kevin Saterlee played by Tye White is on the Downlow but we'll hit that point later.

"Greenleaf" and the Black Church Part 1: Denial and Secrets

Let's talk about the dynamic new show on the OWN Network, "Greenleaf." Many of you have tuned in to this riveting show that Chronicles the life of the Greenleaf and McCready Families. The drama includes sexual abuse, sexual identity, religion, homosexuality in the church, and the greed of Black Preachers aka Pimps in the pulpit.
  The show opens with the funeral of children's church teacher and minister Faith Greenleaf. The Prodigal Daughter , Grace better known as GiGi has returned home in order to avenge her sister's death.  It is revealed later in the first couple episodes that Faith was sexually abused by her Uncle Mac.  However this issue of Uncle Mac's pedophilia has been hidden and denied. This is one of many issues faced on the show.
  This got my mind to thinking as I sipped on my White Zinfandel.  Why does the Black Church shout, pray, and sing over common issues that affect the Black Community?  We all know that sexual abuse happens especially i…