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#FLASHBACKFRIDAY Labelle-Lady Marmalade

@PattieLahelle Life After: The Cast of Got 2B Real

Who could ever forget the hilarious and thrilling "Got 2B Real?"Well Patti LaHelle has done it again.   In a "Life After" session the shade gets real thick. With parodied cameos of Oprah Winfrey, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, and many other divas you will be in stitches from the bitchcraft and wigatry. Did I mention that Mr. Rogers makes an appearance? You'll love the homage at the end of the video. Get into the "Life After: The Cast of Got 2B Real"reunion below.

Ain't No Way (Bradley Show Cover)

I'm An Old Soul

What is an Old Soul? An Old Soul is a young person who not necessarily acts like an old person, but they love music that people in the previous or older generation would love.
 I am an old soul.  As I write this blog, I am listening to some Patti LaBelle, old and new stuff, I have also listened to the late Sylvester James, The Weather Girls, Black Box, Motown, and some Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey, The Caravans, The Davis Sisters, and many other "old school" artists.
  I always had a more mature stance when it came to certain things such as television music, my personality, and how I carry myself. Although I am a gorgeous 26, I still have sort of an old spirit.  It shows in my wisdom and the things that I do and refuse to do.  I'm not ashamed to be an old soul.
  During the weekend, I was at my mom's house singing some early Phyllis Hyman and Angela Bofill, and my mom looked at me and asked "Boy, where did you hear that song? That's older than you." I just…

Somebody Loves You Baby ( You Know who it is) - Patti LaBelle