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I Refuse to Be Lonely

Although I am single right now, I refuse to be lonely.  I refuse to believe that I'm alone in this world with no one to care for me.  I have family, friends, and a God that cares for me. I have music as my life!!!!  I may be alone, but I'm not lonely.  I'm not anxious and I'm not cut off. I have a great support system and I refuse to break. I refuse to be lonely!!!!

It Takes Two - Phyllis Hyman


This Too Shall Pass Away

There is a song by the late Phyllis Hyman that says "This Too Shall Pass Away."These are words that I live by. I do believe that the current storm that I've been in shall pass away.
  Here lately, I've been feeling a bit over worked and stressed out and wanting some personal changes. I've also been grieving also with the calamities of the world. It can be a bit overwhelming.  All I can do is pray and try not to focus on it. I do believe that this too shall pass away.
  It seems that at every turn there is something to piss me off or someone to get on my nerves and not let me be to my lonesome. Even my own, Love Interest knows I need my space. However, he is very supportive at this time as he helps me prepare for an even in Atlanta this weekend.
  I just need to really get away from it all. This weekend will be a weekend of rest and working on some things for Musique. I really need to  just take more time for me.  I refuse to die of  a stroke, heart attack, or…

Living All Alone (Phyllis Hyman Cover)

Leela James - Phyllis Hyman's "You Know How to Love Me"

Ya'll I live for Leela James. She is one fiyah diva.  I recently came across her singing "You Know How to Love Me" by the Late Phyllis Hyman. Get into it below