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Indiana House Okays Controversial Religious Freedoms Bill

Indiana's House have okayed the heinous Religious Freedom bill that could allow businesses protection if they do not want to serve same-sex couples.  Sadly to say this is poised to become law.   The Republican-controlled Indiana House approved the measure Monday on a 63-31 vote, largely along party lines. Five Republicans joined 26 Democrats in opposing the bill.  The bill is planned to be signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence.

"It's important that we allow our citizens to hold religious beliefs, maybe even those we might be appalled by, and to be able to express those," said Rep. Tom Washburne, R-Inglefield.
  Opponents believe that this measure will license discrimination against the LGBT Community.

"We turn our attention now to Governor Pence who, like Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona, has the ability to stop this dangerous bill dead in its tracks when it hits his desk," said Katie Blair, campaign manager for Freedom Indiana.
The chances of that, however, ap…

Michigan Citizens against the The Religious Freedom Restoration Act

I am deeply disturbed with the state of Michigan Right Now. So apparently they are feeling their religious Not So Rights At this moment by reintroducing the  Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This act of hate allows for the LGBTQIAP Community to be refused treatment, jobs, and other God given rights due to someone's so called religion. It not only affects the LGBTQIAP Community but
It affects none Christians as well. Imagine being discriminated against because of your race, religion, sexual orientation, or simply because some  religious butthole feels that you don't deserve treatment. The last time checked, Yahweh Loved everyone and  detested hatred. Let's fight this bill by signing this petition below. Love ya, Musique