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Get "Don't Stop" by Yannick Taylor

You Can't Be Nobody's Lover

There's a song that Ashford and Simpson did in the Good Old Days of Real Music called "Over & Over."  The song says "Over and Over, Time Again, You can't be nobody's lover, till you're somebody's friend."
  This song has been resonating in my spirit for the last few days. It's something about those original school songs. They had a message. "Over and Over," also covered by the Late Sylvester, has a message of "Being Friends First."
  This song is still relevant to today's society in a time to where things are rushed ie marriage, relationships, life, and death.

As the lyrics teach us, yes you can fall in love with someone and have that strong connection, but take some time to know that person and for that person to get to know you. Don't start planning a wedding on the first date.  I've made that mistake myself a few times.
  So many times we, especially those of us in the LGBT Community and those of …

Wednesday Thoughts: Life, Love, and Music (Check Out the Videos)

Music is my life, my passion, and my love.  I've been singing since I was a child.  I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and even majored in music and obtained a Bachelor's degree in music in 2009.    Many people ask me why I chose music. Well, Music is a universal language that reaches everyone.  It touches the very soul. It brings people together. I'm like Patti Labelle, Music Is My Way of Life.  Music is the way I am.
  That's why I'm so adamant about furthering my music career and furthering my passion. I have great plans for myself. I would like to do workshops as well as act as well.  Hell, I want to finally live my dream.  If I don't do it, who else will.   Below are some samples of some covers that I've done. Let me know what you think.

Sylvester-One Night Only

Sylvester (James), the Original Queen of Disco, has been a great influence in my musical life. As I've learned about him and I've indulged myself into his music, I am thankful that, Sylvester was a pioneer in the music industry that lived, loved, and was free!!!
  I happened to come across a cover of "the Dreamgirls" hit "One Night Only" cover that he's performed. The writers Henry D Krieger and Tom Eyen prepared these lyrics and have allowed many artists to add this to their repertoire. I love Sylvester's interpretation of this hit. Get into it below. Love ya,

Sylvester -Living for the City

What can I say about the legendary Sylvester James?  This man is a musical legend. Even though he's no longer with us on this side, he still lives on in his music. This past weekend as I've relaxed at home, I've been listening to Sylvester's music.    I've been really stuck on Sylvester's cover of Stevie Wonders "Living for the City." This song is a great hit about life and surviving in your surroundings. I love Sylvester's version especially with the choir in the background.  Living for the City is from Sylvester's album, "Mutual Attraction."  Get into the video below.

Sylvester - Don't Stop

You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Cover by the Bradley Show)