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Do I Have Time to Date?

As a single, Black, Gay Man, I've often asked myself "Musique, Why are you single?"   My response to myself and to my friends is constantly " I don't have time to date."  Then afterwards, I think to myself "Do I have time to date or is it an excuse." 
 I do work a 9-5, very active in ministry, run this blog and The Bradley Show as well as work on my music career.  Sometimes, I do try to take days for myself where I'm able to rest and relax and not be bothered, but could everything outside of work and church be a distraction for me?
  Another reason why I feel that I don't have time to date is the fact that I will soon be relocating and I don't really want to start dating and then have to deal with the separation issues that come with moving and I refuse to do a long distance relationship.
  Don't get me wrong, I am tired of being single at the age of 28 and I feel that after a year and some change of being single, I need someth…