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This year has been a great year. I've traveled but not really for pleasure. Most of the time it's been for business, competition, or religious things.  One thing that I haven't done is travel for pleasure. I haven't had the time because I've been so busy working and trying to move to DC.
  The last major vacation I really took was when I went to Haulover Beach in Miami and to attend a ball.  I guess I just want some time away doing what I love to do as far as naturism, touring, partying, and just relaxing for a change.
  I rarely get that opportunity due to finances.  Thankfully, things are getting ready to change and I'm thankful.
Just a quick blog post,

Busy Weekend

Hey Guys, Today Marks the Start of a Busy Weekend For Me As I post this, I am on the road traveling for some good times with friends, and some heavy hitting performances. Love ya, Yannick

A LONG Weekend and Upcoming Changes

Well as you are reading this post, I am on the road traveling to Washington DC for the weekend. I'm going to visit some friends and some potential roommates in preparation for my move to DC.
  I actually love it when I'm able to travel. It gives me such a great release and allows me to just get away from home for awhile.  I'm gonna have some posts ready and available for you all.
  Also get ready.  2014 will bring some major changes for Musique's Poetry. I'm going to change the over all look of the website.  Expect some changes sometime around New Year's Day.  I will still be posting some fabulous posts for you all.