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"Greenleaf" and the Black Church Part 1: Denial and Secrets

Let's talk about the dynamic new show on the OWN Network, "Greenleaf." Many of you have tuned in to this riveting show that Chronicles the life of the Greenleaf and McCready Families. The drama includes sexual abuse, sexual identity, religion, homosexuality in the church, and the greed of Black Preachers aka Pimps in the pulpit.
  The show opens with the funeral of children's church teacher and minister Faith Greenleaf. The Prodigal Daughter , Grace better known as GiGi has returned home in order to avenge her sister's death.  It is revealed later in the first couple episodes that Faith was sexually abused by her Uncle Mac.  However this issue of Uncle Mac's pedophilia has been hidden and denied. This is one of many issues faced on the show.
  This got my mind to thinking as I sipped on my White Zinfandel.  Why does the Black Church shout, pray, and sing over common issues that affect the Black Community?  We all know that sexual abuse happens especially i…

How Dare You Be A Homosexual?

Many of us were glued to the television set this past Tuesday night during the finale of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and Have Nots" as Jeffery finally comes out to his parents.  That scene was, in my opinion, one of the most powerful scenes in the whole episode.  Here you have a Black man who has been hiding his true colors for so long admit that he is Gay.
 However, it may seem a relief for Jeffery, Veronica, portrayed by Angela Robinson, isn't having it. She says "How Dare You Be a Homosexual! You are a man!" Jeffery declares, "I am a man! I am a gay man and you need to be okay with that!" Veronica makes it clear that she will never be okay with her son being gay.  She even goes so far as to say that God was punishing her because she had an abortion. After she married David Harrington, portrayed Peter Parros, she struggled to have children and had several miscarriages. Veronica still feels that God is punishing her because, although, Jeffery mad…

Alex Cross- Review

This Weekend Marked the opening of the highly Anticipated film "Alex Cross." Alex Cross is an film adaptation of the James Patterson Book series of the Psychiatrist/Detective Dr. Alex Cross.   In the film we have Tyler Perry starring as Dr. Cross, Carmen Ejogo who starred in Sparkle, plays as Maria Cross, Cicely Tyson plays as Nana Mama.  The movie opens with Dr. Cross and Maria celebrating the pregnancy that is impending with a new baby. However, why they are celebrating and resting the Butcher played by Lost's Matthew Fox.  This character is a deviation from his Doctor Jack Shepard in Lost.  He is simply unrecognizable with a bald head. However , the body was on point.  The Butcher is a psychopathic, sadistic killer, sent to target select people, however as Dr. Cross enters on the scene it becomes personal and the Butcher targets his family.  In this movie Tyler Perry shows off his new body.  I must say, not bad at all. He's coming up. Tyler Perry had to lose over …

Chandra Currelley Peace


@CherylPepsii Riley - Let Me Be Me

Cheryl Pepsii Riley has been on of my favorite singers since I was a kid. I can hear her singing "Thanks for My Child" and me smiling because I was a kid. SMILE!!!! Recently I've been listening to her album "Let Me Be Me"and I can truly say that one of my favorite tracks is "Let Me Be Me," which is the title track.
  It describes how after a show someone asks her what did she want most in the world and it was simply "just to be me."  Right now that is how I feel.  Ever since I came into being for real in 2010, a lot of people have been trying to make me fit into what their perception of Bradley should be. I continue to be me despite the remarks, slick at the mouth comments, and open shade thrown.  It doesn't bother me.
  The lyrics simply say:

With my music and movies 
Good food and some real sleep 
Best friends and my family 
Yeah, that gives me peace 

My Chuck Taylor hightops 
My laugh and my Bible 
If you wanna see happy 
Just let me be me