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Yannick's House Volume 1 Out Now

Hey Fam, I have my first full Album out. It is called "Yannick's House Volume 1." It contains some hits that will make you shake your booty. Get it now!!! It's now availabe on iTunes, Apple Music, Google podcasts, and More!!! Yannick's House: Vol. 1 by Yannick Taylor

I Can't Say No Piano Cover

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Electric Blue

When I wanna change it up

Yannick's House Vol 1 is here!!!

I have an announcement!!! My first EP (Extended Play) is here!!!! Yannick's House Volume 1, is a dance party work of art!!! It is now available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal,iHeart Radio and all digital music outlets.

Check it out on Bandcamp as well.
Love ya!!!

Yannick's House: Vol. 1 by Yannick Taylor

I'm Still here

Hey Everyone,
I pray all is well with you all. I am fabulous. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here!!! Yes. For the 32nd year I am here. I had a birthday this past Ides of March and I'm living and loving.
I am grateful for life and I am grateful for what the creator has allowed to transpire in my life. As I grow older I'm learning to be patient and to enjoy life. I've also learned to cherish my entire being.
I'm still here. Thank God,
Yannick Taylor

Black, Trans, & Beautiful Now on Thursdays

Black, Trans, & Beautiful, a podcast from the Black Trans Perspective will now be posting on Thursdays. With a change in schedule comes a change in production.  However, If you would like the episode before The Thursday release on iTunes, Googleplay, Spotify, and Stitcher, as well as bonus unaired episodes, go to our Patron page at . You can also support our Patreon at to keep the Podcast going.
  We love our listeners and our patrons and we want to give you the best show ever!!!

Help (Vanessa Bell Armstrong Cover)- Yannick Taylor


Don't Stop -Yannick Taylor #TBT

Kevin Spacey's "Coming Out" Is Crap

Pass Me Not


I'm Transgender, Not Desperate


Look To The Hills


The Transition and the Journey

See the picture above? That picture depicts a happy transwoman. I haven't always been this happy.
Why? Mainly because I felt that I was trapped in the wrong body. Trapped in an evil costume that caused me to act and be something that I knew I wasn't. This is called "Gender Dysphoria."
As I progress in my transition, I am proud to say that I am now enrolled into therapy to go further in my transition, mentally process things, and deal with the emotional trials that may come my way.  I must say that therapy is much needed.
 During my time away, I've become comfortable with myself and I took the time to clear other people's opinions on what Trans is supposed to look like. Trans comes in many shapes, sizes, styles, and shades.
Us trans people are often overlooked when we don't look like Laverne Cox or Even Caitlyn Jenner. But this is MY transition, MY Journey, and no one else's.  I am proud of where I am going.  With the new and improved Musique's …

New Things for Me

It feels like an eternity since I've last blogged on this website!!!  I've been doing a lot. Many of you all have seen my videos here from Youtube and What not.    The last few weeks have been kind of stressful and trying however I've found the silver lining in the dark clouds of life. I've found the bright side to the struggles called life.

Hurt People Hurt People

In my lifetime I have heard and experienced the unfortunate cliche “,hurt people hurt people.” This simply means that people who have been hurt at some point in their life lash out and inflict emotional, mental, physical, and sometimes even spiritual pain on those around them.  It could be that certain words are triggers, certain phrases can set a person off or that people simply accomplishing certain goals can cause the person who have been hurt to lash out.   Many questions may come to mind. One question may be “why do hurt people hurt others when they can heal or get help to heal that hurt.” Well, that is easier answered than accomplished.  When a person is hurt they tend to internalize the role as a victim. If a person has been victimized with in a great trauma, often times they carry around the weight of that hurt and the pain and use it as a defense mechanism.  The hurt that was done to that person may have caused them to feel insecure which can and will affect relationships an…

#NEWMUSIC From Yannick Taylor @YannickTMusic "Sustaining"

Get My Single "Who I Am" Now!!!!

"Who I Am" By Yannick Taylor Available Now

Who I Am by Yannick Taylor
Be Sure to Pick Up My Single
"Who I Am" Available on Bandcamp and CDBABY
I want to thank you all for your love and support so far!!!
Please be sure to share this post and please download the single today!!!

#TBT Season -Donald Lawrence Cover


Musique's Playlist for the Week

Hey Family, I pray that your Monday was well. Here are some songs from my playlist to get you through the week, Love ya, Yannick