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Yannick's House Volume 1 Out Now

I Can't Say No Piano Cover

Electric Blue

Yannick's House Vol 1 is here!!!

I'm Still here

Black, Trans, & Beautiful Now on Thursdays

Help (Vanessa Bell Armstrong Cover)- Yannick Taylor

Don't Stop -Yannick Taylor #TBT

Kevin Spacey's "Coming Out" Is Crap

Pass Me Not

I'm Transgender, Not Desperate

Look To The Hills

The Transition and the Journey

New Things for Me

Hurt People Hurt People

#NEWMUSIC From Yannick Taylor @YannickTMusic "Sustaining"

Get My Single "Who I Am" Now!!!!

"Who I Am" By Yannick Taylor Available Now

#TBT Season -Donald Lawrence Cover

Musique's Playlist for the Week