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Live, Love, Be Free

Live, Love and Be Free.
Be Free to Be You.
Join the Live, Love, Be Free campaign.
It is geared to help Transgender, Nonbinary, Gendernonconforming, and Queer People
It is a component of the Black, Trans & Beautiful Podcast to further our reach to those needing
help, resources, and a voice in this world.

Live, Love, Being Free

Many of you have heard me use the term "live, love and be free" on the Bradley Show. When I say that I mean that from the heart.
  Well many have asked me the meaning of the phrase.  Live means not only to exist, but to take chances and do what makes you happy. Love means to show compassion and love your life, yourself, and give love to others. There is no need to walk around having hate and holding grudges.  When you do these things, you are able to be free. You are liberated because you've chosen to live, love, and in turn, be free.
Live, Love, and Be Free,
Musique aka Bradley