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About this Church Hurt Joke: IT AIN'T FUNNY

We've all read, watched, and heard about Gospel Singer Leandria Johnson's rant and break down concerning a famous Pastor and her experience with religion and church hurt.  We were even there for the apology and explanation.
  This week as a result there surfaced on social media a "Church Hurt Is" and "Church Hurt" hashtag in which people were poking fun at people and church hurt. Yes I read some and was entertained, but I had to take a step back and think about it. From my own experience, I have been hurt by people in the church and told because I'm transgender, Gay, Queer, and liberated that I'm going to hell and that I can't serve. Yes it hurt, but I'm still serving Yahweh much to their disappointment.
  My thoughts on this hashtag and joke are these "STOP IT. CHURCH HURT ISN'T FUNNY AT ALL!"
 It is not funny. This is a serious matter. People have attempted suicide, died by suicide, have been depressed, and have left organiz…

Tomi Lahren Comes for Bey and Kaep and Gets STUNG by the Beyhive

Tomi Lahren just doesn't know when to quit!!! She must know by now that you do NOT come for King Bey. The Beyhive ain't having it!!!

   So today on social media, Tomi Lahren comes for Beyoncé and Colin Kaepernick mainly due to Kaep being present with the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. The award is awarded to those whose "individuals whose dedication to the ideals of sportsmanship has spanned decades and whose career in athletics has directly or indirectly impacted the world."  We all are familiar with Colin Kaepernick's kneeling during the national anthem in order to protest social injustice as well as Beyonce's controversial hit "Formation" where she tackles also police brutality against minorities and the Black Community.
  This is where Tomi, the idiot comes in.  She has the gawl to say that King Bey is a "Cop hating" and Kaep is "cop and America hating" simply for calling out racism, social injustice and Amer…

I'm Going to Hell


Pat Robertson "Trans Rights is Nuts and Destroying Society"


What Happened to Study to Show Thyself Approved?

What ever happened to Black Preachers actually following the command in the Bible to study to show themselves approved (2 Timothy 2:15)?  I found myself asking this question today as I endured, a rather interesting sermon for Mother's Day.
  For starters, the preacher started of totally wrong when she began preaching against Gay rights, which are human rights. To add insult to injury she started advocating that the hookah phenomena that has taken off in the US is the new version of Marijuana.
  After that unintelligent beginning, I began thinking of how important it is to know what the hell you are talking about when you are making a public speech!!!

Indiana House Okays Controversial Religious Freedoms Bill

Indiana's House have okayed the heinous Religious Freedom bill that could allow businesses protection if they do not want to serve same-sex couples.  Sadly to say this is poised to become law.   The Republican-controlled Indiana House approved the measure Monday on a 63-31 vote, largely along party lines. Five Republicans joined 26 Democrats in opposing the bill.  The bill is planned to be signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence.

"It's important that we allow our citizens to hold religious beliefs, maybe even those we might be appalled by, and to be able to express those," said Rep. Tom Washburne, R-Inglefield.
  Opponents believe that this measure will license discrimination against the LGBT Community.

"We turn our attention now to Governor Pence who, like Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona, has the ability to stop this dangerous bill dead in its tracks when it hits his desk," said Katie Blair, campaign manager for Freedom Indiana.
The chances of that, however, ap…

California Attorney Files for Ballot Initiative To Execute Gays #LGBTRights

I'm sure many of you have heard about this, but an Orange County, California attorney has filed a ballot initiative with the California Attorney General's Office asking voters to push the criminalization of homosexuality and the execution of Gays.    Filed by Attorney Michael G. McLaughlin on February 26 and received by the initiative coordinator,  the ininitiative will allow him to begin collecting  the required 365,000 signatures to put the measure on an upcoming ballot for California voters.
  The proposed "Sodomite Suppression Act," states "The abominable crime against nature known as buggery, called also sodomy, is a monstrous evil that Almighty God, giver of freedom and liberty, commands us to suppress on pain of our utter destruction even as he overthrew Sodom and Gomorrha.”  Here's another sick part of the proposed bill “The People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same ge…

#Empire's Jussie Smollet Educates Fan on HIV/AIDS


South Carolina's Erskine College Bans Homosexuality After Two Volleyball Players Come Out

Last year Juan Varona and Drew Davis found acceptance with their college volleyball team after coming out as Gay in the rural South Carolina College, Erskine College.
  Well, Since these two athletes have come out, Erskine College has issued a heavily worded denouncement of homosexuality that many read to be a behavorial ban.  As you know Erskine College is one of those backwoods, bigoted, fundamentalist Christians Schools in the backwoods, Jim Crowe, South Carolina.The Document titled "Statement on Human Sexuality,"was issued by the Student Services and Athletic Committee and adopted by the board of trustees last Friday. This does create an unsafe environment for LGBT Students and Faculty alike.  The hilarious and bigored Statement Reads:

“We believe the Bible teaches that monogamous marriage between a man and a woman is God’s intended design for humanity and that sexual intimacy has its proper place only within the context of marriage. “Sexual relations outside of marria…

Santa Helps Explain Gays to Kids


Where are the religious leaders? #Ferguson #MikeBrown

In the wake of the Ferguson riots, all Pro-Black people have come out of the woodworks. My question is where are all the religious leaders? Where are all the preachers and evangelists at a time like this? Where are the supposed to be Peacemakers? Where are they?   Many of them are so busy being pimps in the pulpit instead of helping their community. They are also trying to have the next megachurch.  Did you know that the church is outside of the four walls and that's where real ministry is? Did you also know that the Bible Tells us that we are supposed to stand up for the civil rights and civil liberties of others?     Instead of preaching against homosexuality and sex, it's time to preach against injustices, racism, sexism, hatred, and discrimination. These are the things that are really destroying the community. Forget about who isn't tithing and paying an offering, what about the lives of young people lost to a corrupt justice system. I guess they forgot about that p…

Monogamy, Polyamory, Open Relationships: The Aftermath

Shortly after I did the post concerning monogamy, polyamory, and open relationships, I got attacked a Robert Ketterman on Google+. The above picture details our conversation.
It was funny to me because he's a bigot and a President Obama hater. As I read his profile I noticed the religious propaganda against the LGBTQIAP community. He also is against women's rights, equal rights with a hint of racism. The crazy part about the whole situation is that she attempted to deliver me from my sexual sins.
  Obviously he did not know read the blog post but only saw the title. However I remained unbothered and I'm still un- bothered.  I'm okay with it. Why you may ask? I'm okay because by him constantly commenting on the post via Google Plus he just gave me free publicity and I want to tell him thank you for the free publicity and the free views.
  It's funny how people say that same sex marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage but I question your third fourth fifth and …

I Can't Trust You Because You're Gay

Unfortunately, with religious people being gay is tough.  There is so many misconceptions, stigmas, and ignorant comments made about homosexuality and hate for the LGBT Community.  With the Black Church especially, there is a hatred and a conception that the Gays are on a mission to convert others and to destroy families. It would seem that a place that was meant to show love and have a heart for all people, just like Jesus, the church tends to think less of the gays and more of the pimps in the pulpit and those he abuse the Gospel for a quick buck.   There have been times as a musician that I've been apart of ministries that have found out that I was gay and there response was "we can help you get delivered,"  or "well we can't trust you if you're gay." Those comments not only hurt, but they pissed me off. Why should whom I choose to love and something that God placed me in conflict with my love for music and me serving God? It doesn't.   A few …

Musique Versus Religion

When it comes to me being a Christian and being Gay, I choose to be more spiritual than religious. Religious means that one chooses to go through the motions of whatever their belief without any real attachment while spiritual means you are one with whatever God you choose to serve. Be it Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, or whomever, you are one with Him.
  As I've sat around family for a few days, I've learned and seen why I left the church for a while. So many people love to throw around Scriptures and religious texts, but they do the exact same things that those religious texts tell mankind NOT to do ie judging, hating, stealing, lying, adultery, etc. It's funny that even our government use the Holy Bible as tools to make judgments on who is allowed to marry, who shall pay higher taxes, and who can adopt children let alone vote.
  Personally I choose a more spiritual approach without having to justify my ignorance (which I am not) with words that I do not know how to use corre…

Westboro Church Founder's Grandaughters Abandon Church

Moving Out

Hello Family,
  Many of you know that I a moving to the DMV in September (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!!!!). Well this past weekend, I've found myself moving out to a temporary place until I move to Maryland in September.  In a sense I was kind of forced to.
  A couple nights ago, dear old uncle and I got into a big fight over my sexuality and the fact that I am an entertainer at various night venues.  All I'm doing is putting on sequins and giving the kids life!!!
  Well, he started the religious bull crap calling me a spirit and saying that I'm going to hell for being who God has created me to be. He even threatened to call the police on me to make me remove my clothing that I use for BDe'Neice Productions.  However, I'm not worried, I've found a new place to stay.  I may have to fork out some money and budget, but I'm willing to do what the heck I have to do in order to survive.
 Please Keep me in your prayers as I make small transition before a bigger t…

What Does Sexuality Suppose to Look Like? (Repost)

Over the last few days, I've seen a lot about fashion, especially as it relates to sexuality.  I've seen guys from all walks of life: Black, White, Hispanic, gay, straight, religious, non-religious, hipster, emo, thug, non thug, wear skinny jeans.  I own a pair of skinny jeans. I rarely wear them because I'm super skinny and they make me look like I've starved myself to fit in a pair of jeans that are 3 sizes too small.
  However, over the weekend some bigot posted on facebook that skinny jeans make men look "gay."  Not only that I remember a few years ago when guys started wearing pink, they were labeled as soft or gay. In the back of my mind I'm thinking "it's just a piece of clothing and a color." However, the whole argument over something you were showing your sexuality is plain out stupid.  What is Gay suppose to look like and what is Straight suppose to look like?
  Is gay suppose to look like a man prancing around in a dress and ti…

If You're Married

Hey Guys,
With all the rage about gay marriage and the sanctity of marriage, one would think about the couples who are married, but cheat or just obviously disregard their current spouse. The host, Bradley of the Bradley Show goes into detail and chronicles experiences with being approached by married people. Get into the video below.

Overly Religious People

Religious People are Stupid to Me.   I say this because only religious people will point out everyone else's flaws except their own.  I was reading over a blog dedicated to "exposing homosexuality" and "keeping God's people informed," and all I saw was a lot of judgmental filth.  It was through speculation that certain Gospel artists were gay and that some churches should be closed for having homosexuals in the church.  I read some of it and it seems as if a self hating gay himself wrote it.   I will not publish the name of this blog simply because they have no reason being listed on THIS BLOG!!!!     I was at a point to where I almost stopped believing in God because of these overly religious people.  Not to mention that since my teens I was persecuted by the church because of my femininity and the fact that I did sag or act like the other boys, but that was just me.  I didn't know that God had a problem with anybody. Maybe the things people do that a…

Judgmental and Nosy Christians

There's nothing I hate more than fake people. I also can't stand nosy, judgmental people.  This all comes from an incident during this weekend.
  I had went out for a day with the guys and I ran into some familiar faces that happened to be a fellow Christian.  The familiar faces we'll just call Rev. Wife and Deac. Husband.  As I walked into the restaurant, I saw the two. I spoke and was very cordial, however, I was hoping that Rev. Wife wouldn't come to the table.  Well  lo and behold, Rev. Wife did. However Deac. Husband just spoke.  I was with two friends who are older men.  They serve as mentors and a good time friends for me.  Nothing less and nothing more.
  Rev. Wife approached my table and began to preach in the conversation and we talked about Christianity, however she was talking and making references to us three guys sitting at the table having lunch.  It was as if she was trying to "discern" our connection, which I knew she had no idea.  I didn…