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Black, Gay, and Bitter: Why So Bitter?

During the President's State of the Union, I was tweeting and I noticed that there were a lot of bitterness from the Black Community. Especially those of my Black LGBT Family.  As the President mentioned his mourning concerning Ferguson and other tragedies against the Black Race, some stated that President Obama, is the new Black face of White Supremacy, while others were bashing him for not going into depth about certain issues of race, LGBTI Equality, and other things.  One must understand that President Obama is not a super hero nor is he Almighty Zeus. He is a human just like us. We must look within ourselves and push for change as well. We cannot sit on our asses and do nothing!!!!
  Now don't get me wrong I think that the president did an awesome job, but my question is why so damn bitter? Even with Michael Sam getting engaged to his longtime boyfriend, there were some bitter bitches about Michael dating and having a relationship with someone that is not a person of …

Thought of the Day


I've Found It

I've been doing some soul searching here recently and I've found the Key.  I've found the answer.  The answer and the key is letting go.
  Many of you know of my struggle with being in the church and the abuse that I've endured mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Well, although I've left the situation, some things have managed to still have a hold on me. One thing in particular is self doubt.
  Since I've come into being, I still have an issue with self doubt.  I have doubts about myself and I base myself on others' opinions and pleasing others. NO MORE!!! I've decided its time to let go of the pain and past.
  Although I'm seeking my freedom, I realize that it is a process due to the fact that a seed was planted for 5 years.  To think that for five years I hated myself, because someone hated the fact that I embraced who I was and they couldn't embrace themselves. I'm learning to love myself and move on with my life.  Its going to …

Tuesday Night Moments

As I sit and I write this blog, I am sleepy as crap and getting ready for bed.  I've had a pretty easy day and it hasn't really been eventful, thankfully.  However, today has really been a day of prayer for me.
  The last few days have been a challenge.  Many of you know the issues with my family and the fact that I've got a serious case of bitterness and anger.  I have really been praying and trying to find my faith again.  I had almost lost it.  Why?
  Well the reason being that the last few years I have been burnt by religious people. The sad part is that its been with family.  I've been at a loss for words.  I had hurled insults and curses and I had to stop myself because I wasn't following what Yahweh had told me. I had been showing my hatred and cursing those who hate me, when clearly G-D says "Bless those who curse you."  I may have to show kindness when I want to tear crap up, but I have to do it in order to show God that I can turn the other c…