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@MusedMagonline Sorry Not Sorry: 30 Affirmations I Tell Myself As A Black Gay Man

I've found a great, uplifting article from George M. Johnson, of Mused Magazine. This article will make you say "Sorry, Not Sorry: 30 Affirmations I Tell Myself As A Black Gay Man."   I read this article and it really opened up my eyes to how fabulous and wonderful I am.
 My favorite part of this affirmation is: I am unapologetically black. I am unapologetically gay. I am always in a state of becoming. Being black is my blessing, not my crime. - See more at:

I'm Sorry I Can't Date You

Call me shallow, gold digger, prideful or whatever, you want to concerning this blog post, but I must vent my feelings and how I feel.
  Now I'm single and not bitter at the least.  Some may say that I'm single by choice and others may say otherwise. One reason that I'm single could possibly be my standards.
  One thing that you all know about me is that I've been out and proud since 2010. I'm independent meaning I work, pay my bills, strive for the best, and at least can manage to keep a car, my cell phone on, and very wise with my spending.  Now some may say I'm a bitch for admitting this oh well, #BYEFELICIA!!!
  Here recently, I've had , in their mind, potential suitors trying to woo me, but there's been one problem: They have no car, no money, and no priorities. They don't even have a phone to call someone to orchestrate a date. Now I'm not a gold a digger, but can you please at least have the basic necessities to get you through life?…

Criticizing Feminine Men

Hasan Green is a gifted singer.  Many of you have heard his music.  In recent events, some concerns about people judging and criticizing feminine men. Check out the video below.

@OfficialSampson Black Gay Men & Low Self Esteem

Comedian, Writer, and Activist, Sampson McCormick makes us laugh, but he will also make you think. Known for his hit comedy "That Bitch Better Be Funny," (which is available on iTunes), Sampson recently released a video concerning Black Gay Men and Low Self Esteem. Sampson deals with those that hide in the club, Gay Bash from the pulpit, as well as deal with those who are hyper-masculine who are Down-Low but always have something to say against the LGBT Community in which they are apart of. Check out his video below.

@QuansWorld I Am Your Gay Son: Confessions of a Gay Son

Meet Marquan Nesbitt. He is a poetic voice for our LGBT Family. Recenty, Marquan released his poem entitled "I am Your Son: Confessions of a Gay Son."
In the poem Marquan please for a parent's acceptance even though, he is living a life deemed immoral by religion. Marquan expresses his need for a mother's tender love and care.
  This poem will surely grip your soul. He simply states "I am your son. I don't want you to regret me...Don't you ever forget, I am your son."  Get into "I am Your Son: Confessions of a Gay Son," below.

The Purpose of Destination DMV

Hey Guys, Many of you have seen me posting links for something called "Destination DMV."Well, I'm making moves and doing some changes.  I am preparing to move by March 2014.    Many people have asked why I'm moving.  Well I need a change of scenery and  I need to do what's right for me. I was originally going to move back in 2007 when I was attending Hold My Mule Holiness.    I was told not to go to DC because my bestie Senor Paco, was "using me and was not going to benefit me." As a result, I cut him off and I tried to put on the persona that I was a straight, Black man.  However, that's a story for another day.   Well Back in 2010, Senor Paco and I reconnected. It was a start and we began rebuilding our friendship.  Now, I'm not chasing after anyone, but after the reconnection, the Supreme one nudged me as I was eating at a Chinese Buffet.  I had been seeking Him after somethings with ministry transpired, God gave me specific instructions …

Thought of The Day

It's Okay To SHUT UP!

Hump Day Rambling and Destination DMV

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!    I pray that this mid week work day has been blessed for you all. So far so good...I'm not in jail and I haven't went crazy...yet. I am anticipating the new episode of "American Horror Story" on FX.  I must say Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and the rest of the cast are giving me LIFE!!!! HONEY!!!!   I wonder what new capers they are going to get into on tonight. A little bit of a recap, the girls bought dead athelete, Kyle back to life and the police were hot on there case, that is until Headmistress cleared their memory with here Witchcraft. Also there was baby talk and fertility discuss. No, I'm not going to tell you everything that went on with the television show, but I am gonna say IT IS A MUST SEE TELEVISION EVENT!!!   Angela Bassett is killing the role of Marie Laveau.  Angela Bassett is the Queen in this season of "American Horror Story."   In other news, I have been filling out job applications concer…

R U Mobile?

"R U Mobile?" That seems to be the prominent question on dating sites such as Jack'd, BGC, Grindr, and even Facebook.  There are times when guys find themselves interested in you and they want to meet.  The first question is normally "What's your name." or "How old are you." Then want to ask if you drive or "R U mobile." Most times guys either don't have a car, or even a license. I'm sure many of you have ahd this happen to you and you are like"Jesus, why do the creeps and low lives attach themselves to me." Here's my story.   A couple nights ago I was on a well known LGBT Social Networking Site and I had gotten hit up by two individuals. One was an older gentleman and the other was a guy around my age. We began chatting and disclosed age, likes, dislikes, and hobbies.  On into the conversations they advised that they want to meet for a possible date.   The Older Gentleman seemed very interested. He was light skin wit…

From Your Lips to My Heart

You have a way with words.
I can't explain how they make me feel.
Never have I fallen in love.
From your lips to my heart
there was a connection.
Your words missed my ear
and they went straight to my heart.
From your lips to my heart,
came life .
Now that we're heart to heart
Our bond is stronger.
There is something about your words.
They are more than words.
They are actions.
From your lips to my heart,
is the unconditional love that you've given me.
Now that we're heart to heart.
There's no where to go but foward.


Have you ever met someone or been in a place to where you wanted or needed something and you asked someone else to get it because you were tired or either you felt like you needed help to get what you needed?    Whenever you asked someone did they tell you to "get it for yourself, fool?"
  Well I'm applying this to dreams and goals.  Whatever it is that you need or want out of your life, you have to go get it for yourself.  You can't wait on anyone else to hand it to you or to give you the things that you so desire.  You must get it for yourself. NO ONE CAN GET YOUR DREAM ACCEPT FOR YOU!!!
  Whenever we see an ambition sometimes we often times look for those who could more than likely help us, but we then realize that what we need and require is really inside of us.  That gifting that is within us, must be exercised and exercised properly.  God has given us everything that we need and it lies within us.
  You remember in Habakkuk 2:2-3  And the LORD answered me, a…

Deborah Bond - See You In My Dreams

Deborah Bond is a one of a kind artist. The New Haven, Connecticut singer has a mix of elements that will remind you of Sadé and Anita Baker. I happened to see her video to "See You In My Dreams." It is an awesome song. I love it. Get into it below.

It's Okay To Laugh


Life as I Know It

Over the last couple of days, I've been made to smile and I've been made angry over simple silly stuff. However, I am over looking a lot of things.
  I am purposefully overlooking things, because I have a life to live and I refuse to let anyone cause me to miss out on anything.  This past Sunday was a big day for me because I've opened up some new doors and thank God for opening them for me.  I began a new chapter in the religious sector.
  Life as I know it is looking up for me.  I want to thank you all for the love and support that you've shown this blog.
Life as I know it, is getting better than expected,

That is Not a Man's Bracelet

The picture above was photographed on Tuesday, June 19th.  This is a bracelet that was given to me from a suitor sometime ago. It was around this time last year.  It really has not sentimental value.  I wear it because it appears fashionable to me.  Well It is something only I would wear.   Well on Tuesday I had to go with a relative to an appointment and I wore this bracelet.  As we approached the car,  I was asked "Why are you wearing that bracelet? That is not a man's bracelet." Of course I simply said "It's my bracelet and I think it looks good.  It's just a bracelet. Plenty of guys wear these things."  Of course that particular relative had this old that disgusted look, but it didn't matter to me.  The Last time I checked jewelry had no gender.  But however, I live in the South.   What is it about living in the South if a man wears something like flip flops or either skinny jeans hell even male gladiator sandals he is looked at wrong?  In the…

@XemVanAdams But a KWEEN!!!!

Xem VanAdamsis one handsome, awesome, comic youtuber and he stands up for the kids.  Well in a recent video he tells us to "Think like a Gay Man, but Act Like a Kween." What is a "kween?" A Kween is the stereotypical, flamboyant, gay in the group.  Get into Xem's philosophy below.

@DQTheSeries Drama Queenz -My Favorite Things

Drama Queenzgives me life!!!  Drama Queenz is a hit comedy web series from Novo Novus Productions which was founded in 2008.  It deals with 3 friends who are roommates, Jeremiah, Davis, and Preston.  They share mad capers together: relationship drama, auditioning from the dream part, being chased by a fat lady and her son, and walking in on self love sessions.
  The most recent episode "My Favorite Things" will have you in tears.  It shows that sometimes after we've gone through major transitions, our favorite things can help us make it through life's challenges. Get into Drama Queenz: My Favorite Things below.

Black Racists The Lhuiller Show

What can I say about C. James Lhuillier? He is tenacious, innovative, controversial and HARDCORE!!! I love his youtube channel. He keeps it real. In a recent video he deals with Black Racists. Get into it below.

Nelson Mandela International Day

Happy Birthday to Anti-Apartheid Icon, Nelson Mandela. Many of you know that he was hospitalized in January to do a respiratory illness, but praises be to God that today he is celebrating 93 years of life.  Let us celebrate an icon to Generations, Mr. Nelson Mandela!!!