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Number 17 by Dezmen Alexander

#FlashBackFriday-But You're Gay

As I write this post, my mind goes back to a hot August day.  It was the beginning of my Friday before the big campus parties and my homegirl "Cree," and I were eating lunch.   Cree asked me "Yannick, what type of work did you do back home." "I work as a church musician and I used to work at a hardware store," I replied as I munched on my good old cheeseburger.   I looked up and Cree had this puzzled look on her face. It was like her face had became numb and she replied "But You're Gay."   I couldn't do anything but laugh.   It had me thinking to myself "Does my sexuality determine what type of job I should have?"   Many people often have the stereotype that Gay Men, Transgender people, and gender non conforming people often can only snag call center jobs, office jobs, fast food jobs, and stereotypically Hairdressers or make up artists.     This misconception is entirely untrue.  Would you believe it if I told you that I'v…

Criticizing Feminine Men

Hasan Green is a gifted singer.  Many of you have heard his music.  In recent events, some concerns about people judging and criticizing feminine men. Check out the video below.

It's the Weekend

It's the weekend and I'm enjoying it so far. I got to see one of my favorite singers last night...the dynamic Queen of the B3 Hammond Organ, TWINKIE CLARK!!!! If you all have kept up with my Facebook, Twitter, and this blog, you know I'm a Clark Sisters groupie.
  Now that everything is said and done, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my weekend and have time with my friends and potential mate (that will be discussed at a later time). I'm still celebrating my birthday and helping one of my close friends celebrate his birthday as well.

Love ya,

Suicide and Musique

At one point in my life I thought about committing suicide. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was my sophomore year in college around 2007. I had went through a bad break up and was dealing with church folks because of my sexuality.  I was stressed and under pressure because I felt that I could relate to no one and that I was going to end up in failure.  I felt that if God had abandoned me and I had disappointed everyone and everybody including God.
  I went in my dorm room and took about 4 sleeping pills and drank some liquor behind it hoping that I would die and hoping that I wouldn't wake up the next day.  All that happened was that I slept through a few of my classes for that day and was extra groggy for the rest of the day.
  At that point and time, I leaned on people's opinion and pleasing others in order for me to function. I even had so called men and women of God lie to me that I was wrong for being who I am and loving who I chose to love. I felt that after th…

Good Night

Good night everyone, I've had a long day and I've actually lost my voice after church today. I'm resting now and going to get a good night's sleep,
Love ya,

Going Back to School and Gender Roles

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!!!  Well many of you know that I have a BA in music from the great Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. I graduated in the Spring of 2009 and that was one of the happiest days of my life.  However, Fast Forward 4 years later and I'm not wear I desire to be but I am getting there.   This past weekend, I've resolved it within myself to go back and pursue my Masters Degree in Music or go for cosmetology once I get settled in DC.  Now a little bit of background about cosmetology. When I was a little boy, I wanted to do hair. I would try to style my sister's baby doll's hair or imagine myself with some intricate hairstyle and modeling on the walk way, but sad to say I let good old Society's gender roles hamper me from that dream. I was told only women and "Funny Men" did hair. Even in college when I attended Hold My Mule Holiness  I was told "men don't do hair. They get talked about." Well honey people are gonna talk regardles…

@BradleyShow We All Make Mistakes, LET IT GO!!!

One thing that I've learned in life is that we all make mistakes. This is a lesson learned by many. However, It's shameful that people always hold our mistakes against us when we've learned from the mistake. On a recent installment of my Youtube Show The Bradley Show I discuss humans and their easiness to make mistakes. Check it out Y'all, Musique aka Bradley


What is anticipation? Anticipation is the expected waiting, the act of looking forward that something is going to happen with excitement.  In our childhood many of us anticipated our birthdays, Christmas, Summer vacation, or that favorite relative visiting.  No matter what age we are we always have a period of anticipation.   With the impending move (Destination DMV), I am anticipating so many opportunities, a change of scenery, and a liberty like never before. I'm anticipating what live holds for me. I'm anticipating resurrecting a career in theatre, really further my music, and really own my own business. I'm also thinking of going into cosmetology. I'm quite handy with make up and know a little bit about hair. This new liberty is something much needed.   However, in order for me to get there, I'm making sure that I have my finances together and that all things will work hand in hand for me. That's why many of you may have seen a link called Destination DMV

Seasons Change

One thing that is constant in life is change.  People change, Time change, and seasons change. Seasons have no choice but to change. Seasons are transitions or different periods in which we live, rest, blossom, and die to certain things.   This morning as I prepared to go to work, I began to think about the various seasons of my life and the different things I've experienced in each season.  I began to think about the friendships that have come and gone. Relationships that have blossomed and then died. I also began to think of loved ones gone on. I even began to reminisce on past glories.    Each friendship, relationship, and life had a purpose and a meaning.  In Ecclesiastes we are taught that everything has a season and a reason for being and happening.  The friendships and relationships that came and are now gone were here to teach me something and build character.  They were created by God to open my eyes and experience different types of people and how to handle various situ…

Gay Bashed in the Queen City

Gay bashing is a touchy subject and is a plague within the LGBT Community.  Many of us have stories to tell about being gay bashed. I have stories too. Many of us have been bashed by family with words, physically with violence, and even by the church.
  Well on Sunday evening during an outing with friends I was actually verbally bashed. My friends (and I'm changing names to protect identity) were heading out to celebrate my brother, Cal's birthday that is this week, and we decided to get all done up and gussied up and go out to have fun at one of our favorite spots.  While Cal and my friend, Troy, were dressed in urban wear and the latest fashion, I decided to go as what we term in the LGBT, Ballroom scene, Butch Queen.  Butch Queen means that a dude does not does full drag however, wears female apparel which may include heels, a nice feminine shirt, and the proper accessories.
  Many of you are familiar with this term from the hit documentary "Paris is Burning,"


I think this happens periodically to us bloggers. Especially those of us who do not cover current events, but try to stay true to ourselves.  Sometimes all the current events bore me. Don't get wrong. They are important, but I am constantly bombarded with it on a daily basis and I don't want to do what everyone else is doing.
  It is so much that I could write about, but I'm at a point to where I don't know what to write about right now.  I hate having writers block. It does happen every blue moon. That's a part of life.   I guess for one reason, I do have a lot on my mind.  I've been so busy working and preparing for my move to DC, that I haven't even had time to myself.  I've also been so immersed in other things.  However, today I actually began production on a song entitled "Free."  It deals with me emerging as a Black Gay Man and It has released some tension for me. Hopefully one day I can set a platform for LGBT Artists of all Genre…


Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!!!   I hate days like this when I get caught up in my feelings. For some reason the last 24 hours haven't been "happy time" for me.  I'm feeling frustrated and agitated.  It basically a feeling of unsatisfaction.  I'm going for my dreams and I'm going for my goals, but nothing seems to work out the way I want them to. I'm beginning to dislike my surroundings. I'm waiting to exhale, but I feel as if I'm about to burst.   Not to mention that it seems like I'm always in a prison.  One issue is that I'm single and everyone around me seem to be getting into relationships and I'm stuck in "single mode." I ain't gonna lie, I'm doing me and accomplishing things, but I would like someone to share it with. Is that too much to ask? I'm just unsatisfied with where I'm at. No matter how hard I try to change it, it seems unchangeable.    I've prayed and I've prayed and I refuse to cr…



@Edugaytion Professionals

Meet Johnathan, Dakota, Danny, Ian, and Patrick. They make up the crew of Edugaytion. In their series The Bottom Line, they hit hard hitting topics such as sex, religion, music, and other topics that affect not only the GLBT Community, but the world as a whole.
  In a recent video, the crew along with special guest, Anthony, the crew discusses being Gay and handling yourself in a professional manner.  They discuss how and how not to act when you're in a professional environment and basically how to carry yourself as a member of the GLBT Community. Click HERE to subscribe and click HERE to follow on Twitter. Get into the video below.


Many of you know that I have plans on moving to the Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia area.  Please help me as I set forth my goal to leave the South. No, I don't hate the South, but there are somethings I must do for me. ClickHereto support Destination DMV. You can also click on the image above. Thanks, Musique

@BradleyShow - You Intimidate Me

Sunday Thoughts 10/6/2013

When I look back over my life, I see so many blessings and things that God has gifted me with. I am happy to be along this far in life.  I've started this blog, accomplished things in the religious world, music, and I'm not done yet.  I know that so many things are about to happen in my life.
  I love the fact that God looks out for his own. I am thankful that He's never let me fall by the way side.  Just thinking about my adventure to DC to support a friend and the opportunities that lie in me moving from one place to another astounds me.
  However, I will miss my home, my family, and my friends, I've got to complete this move for me. I even have bigger plans for this blog. I'm not gonna reveal those plans just yet. However, I do see big things happening outside of this blog.  I've learned that you've got to see the things you want before they come.  In your seeing those things, you begin to work towards those things and you will see them appear.

How to Date A Feminine Man via @MUSEDmagonline

Hey Guys Check out this Article I found on MUSED Magazine.  The article offers tips and gives you perspective on How to Date a Feminine Man.  MUSED magazine is a magazine that gives voice to today's Black Gay Man. Click On the MUSED Magazine Logo below or the RED, BOLD, TITLE Above to read the article. Love ya,

The Rain's Purpose

Hey Family and Friends,
  It's just another day in my fabulous hood.  Today it is raining and You know how I don't really do that rain. The rain often times makes me feel blah and depressed and makes me wanna just sleep all day.  It seems as if my parade has been rained on.
  The bright side to this is that no matter how much it rains, the rain is there for a reason.  The rain comes to make things grow.  So it is with trials. James 1:2-3 states that we should count it all joy when rain or trials come because we know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Whenever trials come they come to build character and to strengthen our faith in God and ourselves.
  Have you ever found your self in a rainy place and felt like it couldn't get any better, but you decided to press on and make the best of it.  Sometimes we must look at the brighter side of things.  We are surviving the rain and the storm. Why? Because God is with us.  He said he would never leave us nor…