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#TBT- Chrisette Michele - If I Have My Way by Bradley

Hey Guys,
  It's been 4 years since I started the Bradley Show on Youtube. Many of you know that I love singing and love doing music. I'm currently working on starting my own independent label and music career. Many of you have seen the link entitled Bradley's Music. This is a link that I'm using to crowd to help start my music career and trademarking some things.
  Below is a cover that I did of Chrisette Michele's "If I Have My Way." It is one of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy it. Love ya,

Holy One- Bradley Suber Cover

Hello Everyone. Here's a little Monday treat for you. Many of you know that I'm working on my first album as an independent artist.  Well I do have original music that you all will be hearing in 2015.  I'm also working on my move to the DMV.  Well for the Monday treat here's a cover of Tramaine Hawkins's "Holy One." You may have also heard and seen videos of the dynamic Anaysha Figueroa singing this at the BMI Trailblazers Luncheon in 2013.  Here's my rendition of this classic tune. To make my first album become a reality click here: Bradley's Music.  This is to help with studio time, production, distrubution costs and helping me get my start. Here goes "Holy One" below.

#TBT Memories of Musique

The above picture is from when I was in middle school.  I think I may have been in 7th or 8th Grade.  It was spring time and the flowers were blooming at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina.  Look at that handsome boy in the picture above LOL
     This memory is one of my favorite memories because I really found out how handsome I really am.  This picture catches me in a happy moment.  I recall that moment vividly. I was happy.  Although, I've struggled with self esteem, This picture captures me in a new essence throughout my teens.
 This is my "Throwback Thursday."

If I Was Your Man

I'm an old soul and I can't help it.  For the last month Gladys Knight and the Pips harmonious voices singing "If You were my woman" have been in my spirit.  I've been singing that song "If I was your woman" for over a week. Well I finally decided to my response to the classic from Gladys Knight. Check it out Below. Also click on the link in the description box of the video. I am working on getting a mixtape out by Summer of 2015. More info to come. Love ya, Musique

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!! Today is the Day that I turn the big 28. Yes I'm 28 and I'm not ashamed.  I thank God for this day and I thank God for 28 years of life health and strength.  I've overcome many obstacles and I've come through many dangerous toils and snares. I also want to thank you all for your love and support for this Blog and the Bradley Show. Love you much,

My Love For Music (the Story) and a Little Treat for You All

Many of you know that I'm a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. I may have lightly hinted at the story of how I became a music head.  Well, below is a video explaining my love and passion for music as seen on the Bradley Show.  Also Click on the Link above to donate to Destination DMV.

Wednesday Thoughts

I thought I would've been taking a blog-cation but I guess you all can see otherwise.  It's Wednesday and since American Horror Story: Coven had its finale, I am no good and I guess that means I'll be hitting the gym again.  For the last couple months, I've been kinda. Yes, I have been lazy.  I've been experiencing tiredness and I'm guessing due to the stress of trying to get things together for my move to DC in September and with family issues happening.
  However through it all, I am persevering. I'm staying focused and positive. Things may not happen in my timing but in God's timing.  It's been a bit frustrating putting back money for the money because it seems as if all that wants to happen is happening however, all shall be well. I'm still job hunting and apartment hunting. Reminder if you are interested in helping me succeed in the move I am accepting donations for the move. You will see links to the right of this blog. You can make the…

Living All Alone (Phyllis Hyman Cover)

Be the Change You Desire

Out On A Limb - Teena Marie (Cover)

Exes and Moving On!!!!


Ain't No Way (Bradley Show Cover)

The Morning After

Well as you all  know, President Obama has won 4 more years in the Presidential seat. I am proud and I am happy.  I knew that he could pull it off. It was a stressful event, but in the end Victory was one for this country.  However, the morning after it seemed crazy. Here's a video about my experience at work and some other tidbits concerning the Bradley Show

Leaving You Behind

On a Friday Night, I leave your house.
I leave feelings, desires, and stolen moments behind.
I realize that the ride was fun, but it was a louse.
Time that was wasted where I could have shined.
However, the prison you held me in, I've freed myself from.
I take this time to say, I'm leaving.
As I drive toward my brighter future
I drive away from you and leave you standing in the dust.
Don't worry, You won't find me.
The Past is the Past,
I'm Leaving You Behind