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@PattiLaHelle Got 2B Real: The Finale Part 1 Hosted by @TheSkorpion Show

It's been a long time coming. Trust me, I know. For those of you just now joining the journey I appreciate your views, and for those who've been here since the start, words can't express how much I value your support. I've always said these videos only got as big as they did because of YOU, and I mean that still. I love you all madly.
- "Patti LaHelle"

These are the words, that I read on the Got 2B Real Diva Variety Show.  "The show will be over soon, but shade lasts forever"  are some of the phrases to be said.  The Great parody show is entering into its finale.  Makael and Kevin of the Skorpion Show presents to us as host, the Part 1 of the hilarious and dynamic Got 2B Real Finale. The divas include, Beyonce, Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson, Dionne Warwick, and many more.
  In this finale the teams Sass and Class, come together for their finale shade and reading sessions.  Thanks to Patti LaHelle, this web series has brought joy into the hearts of many a…