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Lil Duval Says He Would Kill a Transwoman


You Can't Have My Stuff

You Can't Have My Stuff
I Paid for It.
I Worked Hard for It.
I Know You're Making Up Lies,
But the Truth Always Survives.
I Know You're Mad.
Bitch, Please.
You Still Can't Have My Stuff.
Get Your Own!!!


Here's a FlashBack Before the name change and transition.

@DishwithDarrell Women and Men Stop Lying

Have You had "The Dish With Darrell?" It is always served piping hot and classy, by the host Darrell. In his recent installment, he demands that Men and Women, to please stop lying!!!! Get into the served dish below!!!!

Adventures at the Mall

So On Thursday Evening after work, one of my good Judies, Brock and I decided to hit the mall in Greenville, SC.  Well the intent was to do some window shopping and to catch up because it has been over a month since we last saw each other.  This is in part due to my crazy work schedule and the fact that I'm currently in a relationship.
  The visit to the mall was filled with laughter, jokes, shade, reads, and fun. Well As I went into one of the shoe stores looking at some pumps, I walked passed a stocky, Caucasian, yet handsome fellow with dark red hair. As I walked by, I heard him say "Damn, Shit."
  I quickly turned around to see that his eyes were glued to me.  Now I am not gonna lie, a girl felt very special, but let's face it my boyfriend does all of that and more for me.  To make the situation more intense was that there were couches and seats right in front of the shoe store.  Well Stocky Red Head, decides to take a seat and watch me shop for my next pair o…

Writers Block Again, CRAP!!!

Every now and then, I go through a period in which I have no idea as to what write in this blog.  Unfortunately, again, it is at that point again.  I have so much that I want to say, but I don't know where to begin.
  I could write about how stressful life has been since I've moved back in with Uncle Dearest.  Its like I can't freaking focus on anything that I would like to do or write.  I can't even focus on music or spending time with my boo because every 5 minutes, my name is getting called because the jack-ass is too lazy to do anything for his damned self. I could write about how much I want another job and to move to Washington D.C. but it seems like I can never find the job that I need nor a place to stay and it seems as if nothing is going my way or the way I planned it.
  Maybe I should write about howI feel that my creative juices are suffering as a result of all the stress and stupidity from my uncle. OR maybe I should write about me discovering myself a…

A Message For The Thots

To my haters and thots that want to hate because I'm on a different level....I'M A PROFESSIONAL!!!!


It's Friday and I'm at work more irritated than an elephant's ear!!! I work in a field in which I deal with the general public.  I've learned that dealing with the general public you will encounter, the good, bad, ugly, ratchet, and plain stupid!!! Dealing with the latter 4 of 5 types of mention people that I have to put up with, has really ground my gears into the freaking ground. From helicopter parents from people upset because they failed to make their payments on time to people who call while their kids are yelling in the background which causes me to repeat several times info that they have requested, to people not being prepared to discuss their account, but they've called me with an attitude over their stupidity, I'm working on a wing and a prayer.   Is it bad that I've had to turn to the Holy Bible for some type of remedy? Not to mention I'm in the process of moving back in with Uncle Dearest (groan and falls on face wearing sackcloth and roll…

They Will Love Your Absence

I've learned that when people just walk away without cause, it happens for a reason. Sometimes in life, we have to allow people to miss us in order to appreciate, the love or the value that we had in their life. Check out a recent video from the Bradley Show Below


Right now, Family, I am over some people right now.  I'm not gonna even ask why.  I have my answer.
  I'm in a situation in which someone has left a religious organization that I'm apart simply because of the fact that I wouldn't allow them to act and have a meeting.  Nothing was wrong with having the meeting, but there is protocol is to be followed. Apparently they didn't want to follow that protocol. So a week after the refusal of the meeting, they leave the organization and have trashed me and some other figures in the organization.
  Whats so funny about this whole situation is that they never breathed the issues to anyone until tonight.  It is so petty.  I've come to the conclusion that in 2013 I'm over pettiness. Instead of addressing something, one would run and just stay tight lipped. Well that's their problem not mine.

@ScissorSisters Let's Have a KiKi

Honey, "Let's Have a KiKi!" Have you ever wondered what that meant?  Well the definition is interchangeable. However,  Scissor Sisters gives us a full lesson on what a "KiKi" is with their hit "Let's Have a KiKi." The dance groove will have you dancing.  This hit comes from their album "Magic Hour"which is available on iTunes.

Relationships Are Like Garage Sales

Hey There, I know that I said that I was taking a break from blogging, however that is hard thing to do right now.   I was on Facebook and someone posted a picture saying that "Relationships are like yard sales. You see stuff you want from afar, but then up close its a lot of shit that you don't want."   That is a true statement.   Have you ever found yourself saying you wanted to be with a person and you've gotten to know that person but only to find that it all isn't paradise?  It happens more than you think. Many times people will put on a front or charade as if they are one way ; nice, hard working, loving caring, but later on all hell breaks loose and you often wonder what happened.   You've entered into this relationship, under the pretense that the person was a dream come true however, as you settle to the "garage sale" up close you've realized that you've ran into self esteem issues, insecurities, and excess baggage that isn't y…


Hello Everyone, This is your boy, Musique, the owner of this blog.  Over the last month or so many of you have seen some changes in this blog.  There is a time and season for everything and for everything there is a reason.   For starters, I have a new way of linking blog entries, artists, music, and other places I'd love for you all to visit.  For instance many of you have seen my name in the beginning sentence, it is underlined and colored red.  This is done to signify that this is a link to other blog entries, music videos, artists that we all love, and other websites that may be of some use to you all.
  I do want to thank you all for your love and support, comments, as well as the shares. You All Be Blessed. Love ya,

You're Just Pushing Me (Repost)

One thing that I've never understood in life is the reason why some people feel that if they don't help you or if they kick you while your down that you won't get back up.  That's one thing that is the hardest for me to fathom.  I've learned that sometimes you when getting back up, you'll have to do it with God and yourself.
  The reason why I say "God and Yourself" is because now days, people will let you the crap down!!! Right now I'm facing a little slump.  My car broke down on Mommy Day and people that I thought cared really gave me their butt to kiss. I ain't gonna lie, it hurt, but I refuse to let that bother me.
  I'm just going to simply allow it to push me to do what I have to do to show those who dissed me after I've sacrificed for them, that I can make it without you and that you're just pushing me to my destiny.  Whenever people walk away at your time of need, that only shows that they are leaches and leaches we can…

7 Days of Me: Day 7: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

I finally made it 7 Days of Me.  Yes I had to do some work with ministry and the last 4 hours have been very tumultuous, I still yet thank God that I'm making it.
  I realize that through the events that have come up concerning my ministry and me, God's got it all in His hands.  I'm reminded of the old familiar song, "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands."
  With the upcoming US Presidential Elections, all the war, and pestilence in the world, I realize that God is keeping us through it all.  His people are being kept.  He said that he would "never leave His righteous forsaken nor His seed begging for bread."  
I know that God has not forgotten about me and that all shall be well and I do mean soon. Through it all, I trust that God will continue and complete the work in me.  I am thankful that He's got me in His Hands.

Love Me

Love me.
That's all I ask.
Accept me, Don't leave me.
Love me.
Is that too much to ask?
Why change me?
I guess I'm too much for you.
Am I too open and honest for you?
I love me enough not to care.

Classy Women


Where is My Motivation?

Where is my motivation? Where has it gone?  Its like the things that I once enjoyed doing, I don't want to do them anymore. Its like I don't want to be bothered.  Am I burnt out, am I frustrated, is it time to hang it up and just rest?
  I'm not sure what to do right now. I'm frustrated because nothing I planned for this year has come to pass.  I'm frustrated because I've had to cut some activities off the list due to my car situation.  I know you've all heard this before.  I'm just about done.  Its like the more I try to get ahead the more I get knocked down.  The more I pray the more frustrated I become. Is there any hope for me? I'm just frustrated and confused.
  What have I done to deserve this fate? I treat everyone right. I acknowledge God.  I stay away from trouble. What is it? Is it all in my head? Am I going crazy?  I wish I knew the answer to my problems. Maybe I just need to take it one step at a time.
  I'm just not motivated any…

I Hate...

I hate.. What is it that I hate? Could it be you? No not really. I hate what I've become  because of you. I hate your antics. I hate your nagging. I hate your laziness. I hate everything that you've done to me. I hate that you don't accept the fact, that I'm not your slave. I'm not your cash cow. I hate your hatred for me. I hate your dissatisfaction with MY dreams. Dammit, they are my dreams. It's my life.
Let Me Live. By The Way. I hate you.

It Doesn't Surprise Me

Nothing surprises me anymore. It really doesn't. Here lately, things that should've caught me off guard didn't. For some odd reason I was totally prepared.  Just like a recent break up. I was prepared, but I still was kind of disappointed. However, that's life.
  I've decided to sit back and observe people.  I haven't really had much to say.  My reason being is that sometimes silence really reveals the truth.  So in my sitting back and being quiet, I have seen some true characters be revealed.  The sad thing is that I've seen it with family and friends.
   I've learned that whenever you want to piss someone off, say "no."  As I've said before, your "no" will reveal a whole lot.  I hate lazy people, so I've learned that when people hear a "no" for something they are quite capable of it pisses them off. Doesn't surprise me none
  I've been watching and listening.  I stopped saying anything when individual s…