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You Say "Queen" Like It's a Bad Thing

In the LGBTQ Community, the word "queen," is often used to describe a feminine or flamboyantly gay man.  It is often times used in a derogatory meaning.  Now remember the original meaning of the word "queen," is a woman who rules or a woman who was chosen to royalty due to birthright.   Well this weekend I went out with some friends to relieve some stress and to enjoy some me and the crew time since it has been a while since I had been out and about. Well I went and meet a friend that we'll call "Randy" at one of the spots that is known for great entertainment and hot dance music   Well I met a friend of Randy's that I didn't know.  We'll call him "Terry." Well, I was dancing and Terry says to me "Wow, you dance like a queen," and laughed. I laughed as well. I then said "I know. I am a queen."   Terry laughed and I continued to dance and ignore him.   The shade of it all was the fact that he was more flambo…

He's Cute, But The Femininity is Ugly

Many of us Black Gay Men have heard the saying "no fats, no fems," and sayings such as the like.  I've heard people in my crew say " he was cute, until he sounded like a girl," or " He would be sexy if he wasn't such a queen."
   Many people confuse femininity in a Black Gay man with the over the top, Flamboyant Gay man.  A Feminine man who shares characteristics that society deem are more equated to a woman. However, a flamboyant man is "extra," over the top, loud, and often times draws unnecessary attention to themselves. Sometimes it's the excess that is unattractive.
  However, with this blog, I want to explore the fact that feminine men are often seemed as undesirable or just plain filthy or disgusting.  Well, I have news for all you "no fats, no fems," brothers out there:  We are more man that you will ever be.
  Many are asking "Musique, how can you say that." For starters we are more man than you will e…

Not Everyone Will Like You

One thing that I've learned as a singer, blogger, and youtube personality, is that not everyone will like you.
There will always be those who think that your views, songs, or personality is a joke.  However, I've learned not to take it personal. People will have something to say about whatever you do or go.  With a recent blog post on effemiphobia and somethings that were posted on Facebook, I've come under attack, which really encouraged me and made me laugh at the same token.
  Although some feel that the article was a joke and others felt it was a good article, I think I served my job as a blogger. As with any blog or article on a personally hosted or owned venue, it is solely that person's views. If it offends some, cause some to not agree, cause some to agree, or makes some happy or sad, its cool. That's life.
  Understand that when I write in this blog it is not to offend or cause hurt, or to be a joke as some stated,but to express my thoughts and feelings…