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Kinky Twists with Mayvenn!!!


"Elmo's" Kevin Clash Accused of Sexual Conduct With 16 Year Old

Everyone loves "Sesame Street's" "Elmo" and the host of "Elmo's World." Well The actor that portrays the beloved Character, Kevin Clash, is on leave from Sesame Street amid allegations of having a sexual relationships with a now 23 year old man when he was 16.
  The company, Sesame Workshop, states that in June they received an email from a man who is now 23, stating that Kevin Clash had a sexual relationship when he was at age 16.  However, Clash has denied the allegations stating that the relationship did not begin until the alleged victim was 18.
  According to various sources including TMZ [t]he company stated that it conducted a “thorough investigation,” including two meetings with the accuser, and found his claims regarding underage sexual contact to be “unsubstantiated.”
According to The LA Times "Sesame Workshop’s investigation 'did reveal that Kevin exercised poor judgment and violated company policy regarding internet usage and…