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Lies That Religion Told @Cayden_Reed


Criticizing Feminine Men

Hasan Green is a gifted singer.  Many of you have heard his music.  In recent events, some concerns about people judging and criticizing feminine men. Check out the video below.

Let Your Haters Talk

Hey Family, I know you all have been wondering where the heck I've been.  Well, I've been busy working. A man that doesn't work doesn't eat and a Negro loves to eat dude.
Well in the midst of me being busy, I've gotten word that in the time leading up to me being licensed and ordained as a minister that I have a hater.  I'm not gonna call names, but he's a so called "Apostle" calling my Overseer and other Pastor's in which I have a good rapport and telling them that I'm a whore and all this junk. He's even made up a lie like I had sex with a few of his members, which the negro does not have.   The "Apostle"  has been trying to get my Overseer to release me from ministry, which my overseer refuses to do.  It all boils down to the fact that since I've left his ministry, the "Apostle" is upset and jealous because I've been prospering and have been getting ahead and actually staying out of other folks busines…