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Handover the Turkey and No One Gets Hurt

Death, Loss, and Life

So I realize that it has been a while since I've actually written in this blog.  I do try to post as much as possible. I'm coming to learn that blogging is a good cathartic release of all of the energy that has been plaguing life and more.  I'm thankful for the gift of writing and what it does for the human soul.
  I must admit the last week and a half has been kind of rough.  I recently loss one of my favorite uncles, Mario.  Sadly he passed away, but thankfully he is not suffering anymore and he's not in pain or having to battle being confined to a wheelchair. He's gotten his wings and I'm just glad that he's not suffering anymore.
  This has been the second loss I've experienced in my family since April, so it has been kind of crazy.  To add on top of that, I've started hormone replacement therapy and I've been real bitch!!! With so many people in my ear about this and that, I actually just need a reprieve from it all.  So I've decid…

Single & Ready Mingle!!! (Q & A) @BaddieTwinz


You Can't Have My Stuff

You Can't Have My Stuff
I Paid for It.
I Worked Hard for It.
I Know You're Making Up Lies,
But the Truth Always Survives.
I Know You're Mad.
Bitch, Please.
You Still Can't Have My Stuff.
Get Your Own!!!

United in Fashion with United in Christ

The United in Christ Cathedral Will be having their Fall Fashion Show On Oct. 17th, 2015 at 7pm. We are now recruiting Models. The cut off date for signing up to model is September 26, 2015. The Categories are: Formal Wear, Back to School, Sunday's Best, Business Casual, and for my Pre-Teens (12 and Under), Dream Job (What I Want to Be When I Grow Up). The Registration Fee for Models 13 and up is $10.00. 12 and Under $5.00. For More Information Please Contact Pastor Bradley Suberat 980 224 2485 or by Email The address will be 2625 Cherry Road Rock Hill, SC (Quality Inn and Suites) . Rehearsals will be announced and given to all participants. There will also be entertainment and encouraging words, See you there,
United In Christ Cathedral Inc.

Don't Count My Pockets!!!!

One thing that I hate for people do think, is that they are entitled to the money that I make. Especially Family. That is a very, very large pet peeve with me. When someone counts your pockets,
 that means that they look at your wardrobe, your car that you drive, and what you do during the weekend and the weekend and attempt to determine how much money you make and possess.
  This has proven true with one of my relatives...the Dear Uncle.
  Recently, I received my portion of a settlement and I made the stupid mistake of saying something to Dear Uncle about the settlement.  This man had the audacity to ask me for 99 percent of the settlement...I looked at him like he had lost his everlasting life. If looks could kill, trust he'd been dead, brought back to life, and killed again.
  It's annoying whenever pay day arrives or I have to pay bills or I go shopping, that Dear Uncle always asks for money or always makes requests for what I've worked hard for.  Since, I am curre…

Sunday Dinner

Hey Guys,
 I pray that you all had a wonderful Sunday.  Mine was great and I enjoyed every bit of it. I spent the day with my Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, and Nephews as well as my Dad.  It was restful!!!
  I had a great dinner and I had a peaceful day of movies and smack talking with the Suber Clan. It was a joy for me because lately, I rarely have time for Sunday Dinner with the family.  Growing up and even before I graduated from college, Sunday Dinner was a staple in my upbringing and even into my now, adulthood. T
 Thank God for Sunday dinner. I can't wait to start my own family and continue on the tradition,
Love ya,

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. Take Time Today to Honor Those  Who have sacrificed their lives for us. Also remember those who have been a great leader, mentor, teacher, lover,  in our lives. Musique

Saturday Thoughts: RIP Aunt Annie

Well It is Saturday and This also starts the beginning of a busy next couple months. I have church, music, and family engagements.  I hadn't mentioned much about what's been going on on the home front, but this past Thursday my family and I suffered a lost.
  My Great Aunt Annie passed away.  She was 97 and she was very accomplished.  It has been a rough last couple days, but thank God for His comfort.  I thank God for the time I've had with my great aunt.  It's still fresh, but I do know that she's in a better place.
Well that's all I have to say for right now.

@QuansWorld I Am Your Gay Son: Confessions of a Gay Son

Meet Marquan Nesbitt. He is a poetic voice for our LGBT Family. Recenty, Marquan released his poem entitled "I am Your Son: Confessions of a Gay Son."
In the poem Marquan please for a parent's acceptance even though, he is living a life deemed immoral by religion. Marquan expresses his need for a mother's tender love and care.
  This poem will surely grip your soul. He simply states "I am your son. I don't want you to regret me...Don't you ever forget, I am your son."  Get into "I am Your Son: Confessions of a Gay Son," below.

Meeting Me

Hello Everyone,
  I may or may not be on much this weekend.  I am headed to Columbiana, AL to meet up with my birth mom for the first time as well as my brother and sister.  This is a momentous occasion as well. Not only will I be meeting another part of me, I will also be witnessing my baby sister getting married.  I'm overjoyed yet nervous.  I am thankful to God for this opportunity. I will be blogging about this adventure.

Single Dad Surprises Kids At Church

Moving Out

Hello Family,
  Many of you know that I a moving to the DMV in September (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!!!!). Well this past weekend, I've found myself moving out to a temporary place until I move to Maryland in September.  In a sense I was kind of forced to.
  A couple nights ago, dear old uncle and I got into a big fight over my sexuality and the fact that I am an entertainer at various night venues.  All I'm doing is putting on sequins and giving the kids life!!!
  Well, he started the religious bull crap calling me a spirit and saying that I'm going to hell for being who God has created me to be. He even threatened to call the police on me to make me remove my clothing that I use for BDe'Neice Productions.  However, I'm not worried, I've found a new place to stay.  I may have to fork out some money and budget, but I'm willing to do what the heck I have to do in order to survive.
 Please Keep me in your prayers as I make small transition before a bigger t…

I'm Not Entertaining Today

Today is a different day in my life.  I can't explain some of the changes that I have been going through, but it's all working for the good.  Many of you know the situation that I'm dealing with concerning my living arrangements.    I just got in from Church not too long ago and my dear old uncle is just nagging just because I decided to check my email and relax before another event for the day.  Here lately concerning him, I have not been entertaining him. I'm just gonna let him gripe and moan about nothing.     I do my part when it comes to keeping house and what not. What more does this fool want?  Really? I stopped caring a long time ago.  I'm just not entertaining punk bootiness today.

You're Just Pushing Me (Repost)

One thing that I've never understood in life is the reason why some people feel that if they don't help you or if they kick you while your down that you won't get back up.  That's one thing that is the hardest for me to fathom.  I've learned that sometimes you when getting back up, you'll have to do it with God and yourself.
  The reason why I say "God and Yourself" is because now days, people will let you the crap down!!! Right now I'm facing a little slump.  My car broke down on Mommy Day and people that I thought cared really gave me their butt to kiss. I ain't gonna lie, it hurt, but I refuse to let that bother me.
  I'm just going to simply allow it to push me to do what I have to do to show those who dissed me after I've sacrificed for them, that I can make it without you and that you're just pushing me to my destiny.  Whenever people walk away at your time of need, that only shows that they are leaches and leaches we can…

Tuesday Night Moments

As I sit and I write this blog, I am sleepy as crap and getting ready for bed.  I've had a pretty easy day and it hasn't really been eventful, thankfully.  However, today has really been a day of prayer for me.
  The last few days have been a challenge.  Many of you know the issues with my family and the fact that I've got a serious case of bitterness and anger.  I have really been praying and trying to find my faith again.  I had almost lost it.  Why?
  Well the reason being that the last few years I have been burnt by religious people. The sad part is that its been with family.  I've been at a loss for words.  I had hurled insults and curses and I had to stop myself because I wasn't following what Yahweh had told me. I had been showing my hatred and cursing those who hate me, when clearly G-D says "Bless those who curse you."  I may have to show kindness when I want to tear crap up, but I have to do it in order to show God that I can turn the other c…

@BradleyShow Meet Your Own Expectations

What do you do when people have set unrealistic expectations? Well the host of The Bradley Showtells us to meet our own expectations.  We've got to learn how to what he says "Live, Love, and Be Free." Check out the video below.


Musique's Poetry would to wish Luckey, owner and creator of THE LUCKEY STARa very happy birthday.   Reminder: the Luckey Star is the Best DAMN adults site you'll come across.

Interesting Day

<p>It's been an interesting day today.&#160; All I did today was rest.&#160; I've been a&#160; little under the weather, but I'm better.<br>
As I write this blog I am sitting amongst family.&#160; My aunt whom I love dearly is visiting.&#160; It is interesting because this particular aunt has been steady trying to ruin my image before my family for the last two years.
  Ever since I came into being, its like certain people especially church folks have tried to discolor my good name.  However, it did not work.
  At least she hasn't brought up an entry on this blog or my YouTube account.  She has tried to find out all my dirt.  What about her dirt?
When people have secrets they'll try to expose others.  The weapon is formed but it won't work.
Love ya,


I've sought my liberation.  My hour of salvation is now!  Last night a friend and I were having a conversation concerning my current plight and the situation with my living and some dysfunctional family problems.
  Too long have I let my family be the reason I'm holding myself back.  I've been so stepping on places lightly, but I refuse to do that.  Even if they don't like the steps I'm making, I've got to live my life and I've got to prosper.
  The sad thing is that they want so bad to reap from MY success. Sorry but it ain't happening.  Its my time not your time.  It kills me that people want to be lazy and squander off of your success. I can't allow that to happen. I've been down to long.  I desire better for myself. And to that one aunt that reads this blog and loves to keep mess started: THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE AND THANK YOU FOR THE PUBLICITY. I AM GROWN AND THANK YOU. LOVE YOU!!!!