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United in Fashion with United in Christ

The United in Christ Cathedral Will be having their Fall Fashion Show On Oct. 17th, 2015 at 7pm. We are now recruiting Models. The cut off date for signing up to model is September 26, 2015. The Categories are: Formal Wear, Back to School, Sunday's Best, Business Casual, and for my Pre-Teens (12 and Under), Dream Job (What I Want to Be When I Grow Up). The Registration Fee for Models 13 and up is $10.00. 12 and Under $5.00. For More Information Please Contact Pastor Bradley Suberat 980 224 2485 or by Email The address will be 2625 Cherry Road Rock Hill, SC (Quality Inn and Suites) . Rehearsals will be announced and given to all participants. There will also be entertainment and encouraging words, See you there,
United In Christ Cathedral Inc.

Prom Dresses Galore #DHGATEBI

For those who know me, I have many sides to Yannick Taylor. I must say that I absolutely love fine Prom Dresses and Fine Evening Wear.  I've found a new website DHGate, that has the finest in prom dresses and wedding dresses.  They also have computers and hair extensions as well. Did I mention they have mobile phones

   This is a great marketplace to get wedding dresses and prom dresses without breaking the bank.  There are millions of dresses. You do not want to miss this website!!! The products are high quality and usually come with free shipping!!!!,
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@ShirleyBEniang Live a Healthy & Happy Life... 10 Tips!

Meet Shirley B. Eniang, a beautiful Mathemetician, Youtuber, and Fashionista!!!  Shirley has a style and grace that encourages and uplifts.  With Her blog, "Shirley's Wardrobe," she encourages us with tidbits from her life and blesses us with awesome fashion tips as well.
  Recently, Shirley released a Vlog via Youtubewith 10  tips on living a healthy and happy Life.  If you want to live healthy, happy, and less stressed check out her video below. You can follow Shirley by clicking on the highlighted RED LINKS in this post and also on Instagram as well at

@EmoreJCouture It's Never Easy Dream Achieving

Emore'J Couture is an inspiration to us all. This fashion guru is an example of being a go-getter. In a recent video, He encourages us to never give up on our dreams and vision. It may not be easy achieving your dream, but with faith in the right people and yourself you can make it. Emore'J gives us his testimony on his transition to achieving his dream below.

What Does Sexuality Suppose to Look Like? (Repost)

Over the last few days, I've seen a lot about fashion, especially as it relates to sexuality.  I've seen guys from all walks of life: Black, White, Hispanic, gay, straight, religious, non-religious, hipster, emo, thug, non thug, wear skinny jeans.  I own a pair of skinny jeans. I rarely wear them because I'm super skinny and they make me look like I've starved myself to fit in a pair of jeans that are 3 sizes too small.
  However, over the weekend some bigot posted on facebook that skinny jeans make men look "gay."  Not only that I remember a few years ago when guys started wearing pink, they were labeled as soft or gay. In the back of my mind I'm thinking "it's just a piece of clothing and a color." However, the whole argument over something you were showing your sexuality is plain out stupid.  What is Gay suppose to look like and what is Straight suppose to look like?
  Is gay suppose to look like a man prancing around in a dress and ti…

That is Not a Man's Bracelet

The picture above was photographed on Tuesday, June 19th.  This is a bracelet that was given to me from a suitor sometime ago. It was around this time last year.  It really has not sentimental value.  I wear it because it appears fashionable to me.  Well It is something only I would wear.   Well on Tuesday I had to go with a relative to an appointment and I wore this bracelet.  As we approached the car,  I was asked "Why are you wearing that bracelet? That is not a man's bracelet." Of course I simply said "It's my bracelet and I think it looks good.  It's just a bracelet. Plenty of guys wear these things."  Of course that particular relative had this old that disgusted look, but it didn't matter to me.  The Last time I checked jewelry had no gender.  But however, I live in the South.   What is it about living in the South if a man wears something like flip flops or either skinny jeans hell even male gladiator sandals he is looked at wrong?  In the…