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Finding Me: Let Me Be Me

Many of you know my coming out story and my struggle concerning family and being who I am.  Well, I must say each day I live, I find out a new area about myself.  Here lately I've been getting in touch which another side of me. I've found out that I am very androgynous. I love switching it up a bit and dressing to what feels comfortable.   Now society says "Yannick, you're a man so dress and act like it," but I say I am me, let me be me and let me find out what works and doesn't work without you telling me.  The picture above is me shortly after I won grand prize at a recent ball. You can tell that I have on make up and eye shadow and I'm dressed very feminine.   I felt so comfortable being dressed as such.  However there has been issues with religious people, family, and friends. I've been asked "Where is this femme and androgynous side coming from," as if someone has influenced me to be this way. The truth is no one has told me anything.…

He's Cute, But The Femininity is Ugly

Many of us Black Gay Men have heard the saying "no fats, no fems," and sayings such as the like.  I've heard people in my crew say " he was cute, until he sounded like a girl," or " He would be sexy if he wasn't such a queen."
   Many people confuse femininity in a Black Gay man with the over the top, Flamboyant Gay man.  A Feminine man who shares characteristics that society deem are more equated to a woman. However, a flamboyant man is "extra," over the top, loud, and often times draws unnecessary attention to themselves. Sometimes it's the excess that is unattractive.
  However, with this blog, I want to explore the fact that feminine men are often seemed as undesirable or just plain filthy or disgusting.  Well, I have news for all you "no fats, no fems," brothers out there:  We are more man that you will ever be.
  Many are asking "Musique, how can you say that." For starters we are more man than you will e…

Self Hatred and Black Gay Men: SOUND OFF Y'ALL!!!

Today, I haven't posted a picture for this entry because I really couldn't find anything, in my honest opinion, that would fit this topic. Today's topic is Self Hatred and the Black LGBT Community.   This entry stems from a post on Facebook that was a picture of some young men that appeared to be in their late teens to early twenties. They were dressed in what we call "cunt" clothes, meaning they were dressed feminine, yet stylish.  However, as I read the comments of course there was the normal "I don't mind fem dudes, but I won't date them,"  and "They look fabulous."  Some comments also encouraged the young men to express themselves.   However, one comment ticked me off royally, came from a misogynistic, self loathing, donkey's behind. He stated "I find this repulsive. They look ridiculous."  He even had the gall to state that like some of those "Sissies" as Donkey's Behind stated  From "Paris is …

@EmoreJCouture Secretly, You're a B*tch Part 2

Emore'J Couture gives me life.  He is wise and fashionably anointed!!!! Honey, Emore'J will also speak the truth to the kids today.  He's back with part 2 of Secretly, You're a B*tch. In this installment Emore'J goes in on the "Kweens." You know what a "Kween" who puts it all out there in the wrong place and at the wrong time."Kweens" are the ones who put a bad taste in your mouth when they step out. They can also be known as ratchet. Emore'J gives the difference between femininity and being flamboyant as well as ignorant. Again, you may find that Secretly, You're a B*tch Part 2!!!. Get into the video below. 

@EmoreJCouture Secretly, You're a B*tch!!!

Emore'J Couture gives me life.  He is wise and Fashionably anointed!!!! Honey, Emore'J will also speak his mind.  In a recent video, Emore'J goes in on the kids about the defamation of the openly, feminine gay Black Man.  Be forewarned: You may find that Secretly, You're a B*tch!!!. Get into the video below. 

Am I Asking For Too Much?

Have you ever sat to yourself and gone over your list of requirements and standards for that perfect mate?  You look over the list and you start examining what's realistic and what's really something that you can't control.  Well I'm in that place right now.  I'm asking myself "am I asking for too much."
The last couple years my relationships have lasted a couple weeks to only a few months. I've had some that seemed just right and some that were no count.  I've had some that were genuinely interested, but I guess due to the fact that I like to take my time and not rush into sex, that ran them off.  All I ask is for someone who loves me for me and accepts me for me. Someone who isn't all about getting into my cakes. What shall I do?
  One main issue is for my break ups is the fact that my personality is "too much"or the fact that I'm feminine and a drag entertainer.  Also the fact that I embrace my sexuality and the fact that I&#…

How to Date A Feminine Man via @MUSEDmagonline

Hey Guys Check out this Article I found on MUSED Magazine.  The article offers tips and gives you perspective on How to Date a Feminine Man.  MUSED magazine is a magazine that gives voice to today's Black Gay Man. Click On the MUSED Magazine Logo below or the RED, BOLD, TITLE Above to read the article. Love ya,

@OfficialSampson Falling in Love With Straight Boys

Sampson McCormick is one of my favorite comics. This handsome activist and humanitarian gives the kids such great wisdom when it comes to dating.  Sampson let's us know the hardships of falling in love with straight boys in a recent vid. He deals with the feminine versus masculine struggle as well as internalized homophobia. Get into the video below.