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Hump Day Thoughts

It's Hump Day!!!  As I sit at my desk and I bask in this little bit of quietness at work, I take time to reflect on life and all the blessings that have occured within the last couple weeks.  Despite the recent loss of loved ones this past weekend, I am still able to remain strong. However, today is the middle of the week and I have to get through this hump of a day!!!   To think that in a few weeks I will be turning 28 years old.  2 years away from 30. It is different, but I refuse to be humped out over age. I'm still young, sexy, fabulous, and gifted. What more can I ask for?  Just a few hump day thoughts,

♫Musique's Poetry♫

I Can't Trust You Because You're Gay

Unfortunately, with religious people being gay is tough.  There is so many misconceptions, stigmas, and ignorant comments made about homosexuality and hate for the LGBT Community.  With the Black Church especially, there is a hatred and a conception that the Gays are on a mission to convert others and to destroy families. It would seem that a place that was meant to show love and have a heart for all people, just like Jesus, the church tends to think less of the gays and more of the pimps in the pulpit and those he abuse the Gospel for a quick buck.   There have been times as a musician that I've been apart of ministries that have found out that I was gay and there response was "we can help you get delivered,"  or "well we can't trust you if you're gay." Those comments not only hurt, but they pissed me off. Why should whom I choose to love and something that God placed me in conflict with my love for music and me serving God? It doesn't.   A few …

I Stand Out and It's Cool

One thing that I've noticed in my surroundings, be it work, home, family gatherings, or church, is that I stand out.  I stick out like a sore thumb. Even out in public people stare at me and look at me because I'm different. Especially in the south, a Black Man wearing his head wrapped, wearing skinny jeans, a fitted tea, feminine is still a sight even though its 2013.  I must admit, I am eccentric and I love it.   Also one thing that makes me eccentric is that, I break the norm. I don't fall into the stereotype or traditional roles of a Black man in the South.  I remember a few years ago during a visit home for 4th of July, I had naired my legs, arched my eyebrows, styled my hair curly for the Gods, and wore my nice pink polo with my favorite pair of blue jean shorts, which they've seen me where before.  My dearest uncle leaned over to me and asked me "are you wearing make up? and where is the hair on your legs?" I ignored him and continued in the conversatio…

@MontreBible Masc Vs. Fem: The Gay War

Ladies and Gentlemen, Montrehas something to say.  What is it with this war in in the Gay community? You know which war I'm talking about. The War between the Masculine Gays and the Feminine Gays.  Montre, of Who the Hell Is Montre Bible, gives a little insight on the details of this war. He even tackles the "no fats, no fems," nonsense. Get into the video below.

Thought of the Day: Secret Lovers

If a person can only love you in secret, then that love is counterfeit.

If You Don't Like It, Then Kiss My ...

Well Today has been one heck of a day.  Of course I had to work, but today was like no other.  I was actually excited for a change.  I guess because I had a good day and got some things done for me.     I am thankful for me being able to give thanks and not complain about my current plight as I had been. I've learn complaining just pisses everybody off. Complaining is annoying and not cute. Who wants to hear you bitch and moan all the time? I'm just saying darling.  Complaining is just stupid. Well nevertheless. Its game time. Love ya Musique