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Tomi Lahren and Jazz Go Head to Head


#45, Transphobia #IreneChallenge #KennekaJenkins

Being Transgender and Facing The Gay Community

Well the last few hours have been VERY interesting.  I was on a social media site and I did a forum post on celibacy and this is the response I got:

Transracial, Cis-Black? What the Hell? #AskRachel

This Blog post is in no way to demean or shade Rachel Dolezal.
Many of you have heard of the controversy concerning the exposing of Rachel Dolezal to be a White Woman. GASP!!!! There has even been a new phrase coined, one that I find offensive and needs to die quicker than the word Fleek; Trans-racial.   Can someone explain to me what the hell transracial is? Is that a term meant to denote someone portraying another race, other than what they were born? I hope the hell not. While it is an offensive play on the word transgender, I find transracial to be a term that will quickly piss off many and cause some unnecessary shit to happen. How can one change their race? Let me answer that for you, they can't!!! There is no surgery that you can undergo nor is there a procedure that you can undergo in order to change your race, nationality, or ethnic background.   Now before you all attack me, I know what you all are saying. "Well, YaYa, Michael Jackson changed his skin color, theref…

That is Not a Man's Bracelet

The picture above was photographed on Tuesday, June 19th.  This is a bracelet that was given to me from a suitor sometime ago. It was around this time last year.  It really has not sentimental value.  I wear it because it appears fashionable to me.  Well It is something only I would wear.   Well on Tuesday I had to go with a relative to an appointment and I wore this bracelet.  As we approached the car,  I was asked "Why are you wearing that bracelet? That is not a man's bracelet." Of course I simply said "It's my bracelet and I think it looks good.  It's just a bracelet. Plenty of guys wear these things."  Of course that particular relative had this old that disgusted look, but it didn't matter to me.  The Last time I checked jewelry had no gender.  But however, I live in the South.   What is it about living in the South if a man wears something like flip flops or either skinny jeans hell even male gladiator sandals he is looked at wrong?  In the…