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Michigan Citizens against the The Religious Freedom Restoration Act

I am deeply disturbed with the state of Michigan Right Now. So apparently they are feeling their religious Not So Rights At this moment by reintroducing the  Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This act of hate allows for the LGBTQIAP Community to be refused treatment, jobs, and other God given rights due to someone's so called religion. It not only affects the LGBTQIAP Community but
It affects none Christians as well. Imagine being discriminated against because of your race, religion, sexual orientation, or simply because some  religious butthole feels that you don't deserve treatment. The last time checked, Yahweh Loved everyone and  detested hatred. Let's fight this bill by signing this petition below. Love ya, Musique

The Black Community: Why Be So Hard? (Repost)

Why is it that the Black Community is its own worst enemy?  Why is it the often time members of the Black Community are hard on themselves?
  These are two questions that I've always wondered since I've come into the acceptance of me.  For some reason, really since high school, I noticed that for some reason I never had that many Black friends because I am "too white." Also because of the fact that I really wasn't "hood" and the fact that I lived a sheltered life, many Black people often called me a "prep," "white boy,"and my personal favorite "sissy." I got called a lot of names.
  For me, I was very academic and musical, so sports was not a major part of my life. As a Black man, I was often told that I wouldn't be "tough." However, I've grown up to be a tough man. A tough man who is Black and loves life in all its rainbow colored facets.  However, with the Black Community, I've noticed that the &q…

Moving to Washington DC 2013

Hey Guys. I have mentioned this lightly.  Well I have big plans for next year.  2013 is my year of release and letting go.  I have made plans to lave South Carolina and to Move to Washington DC. My plan is to work in DC and live in some part of Maryland near DC.  I will also be doing ministry in DC.  I am actively looking for a job in DC and Maryland as well as Putting back as much money as possible.  I am believing God for a miracle. I trust him for all things to work out.  If you support this blog please chipin below, Thanks.

I Hate...

I hate.. What is it that I hate? Could it be you? No not really. I hate what I've become  because of you. I hate your antics. I hate your nagging. I hate your laziness. I hate everything that you've done to me. I hate that you don't accept the fact, that I'm not your slave. I'm not your cash cow. I hate your hatred for me. I hate your dissatisfaction with MY dreams. Dammit, they are my dreams. It's my life.
Let Me Live. By The Way. I hate you.

These Dang Feelings

I hate feeling like this. I hate feeling like a total failure.  For some reason, I just can't seem to come to grips with the fact that I'm yet single again.  Is there something wrong with me? Am I a black widow? Am I some cursee or under a curse that I knew nothing about.
  Today as I ventured out into the mall, I saw other happy couples of various types and I smiled, but it was so hard for me to mask the pain that I feel inside.  See, a few weeks ago me and my boo parted ways and I was devastated.  The reason being was number one the way in which the boo broke up with me, the second part was because of the fact there was limited communication and just really no explanation.  Don't get me wrong, I've had my share of suitors and have my share of callers, but no one really worth my time.  I just don't understand.
  What did I do wrong?  The break up was partly because I didn't meet certain "qualities" such as being overly macho and overdosed on testo…