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Timothy Blaine Obliterates Kim Burrell...She's At it Again

Kim Must Not Have Learned the Last Time. She needs to Calm Her Boasting ALL THE WAY DOWN. The Bible Speaks about that you know

Compassion for Kim Burrell?

By now many of you are aware of the recent comments by a former favorite of mine, Kim Burrell. Kim Burrell was recorded via Facebook live as calling LGBT, SGL, and those in the family as "perverted" and that we are going to hell.  Needless to say she has gay hairstylists, background singers, and more on her staff which behooves the hell out of me as why she would even go that route.  Not to mention she bashed Bishop Eddie Long concerning his health in which she knows nothing about the situation.  If you read the clip, Kimmie showed no mercy at all towards the Gays and Lesbians.
  As a result of her words and hate speech, Kim Burrell, lost her appearance on Ellen and her KTSU radio show, Bridging the Gap.  Well we now know that is a XXX Large Gap to Bridge.  Kim has also been disinvited to the BMI, Trailblazers Ceremony due to her big mouth.
  Now although she showed us, the LGBT Community no compassion, shouldn't we show her compassion?  I'm only asking because w…

Musique's Playlist for the Week

Hey Family, I pray that your Monday was well. Here are some songs from my playlist to get you through the week, Love ya, Yannick

Dorinda Clark Cole Tribute to Kim Burrell Essence Festival 2015


Tribute Playlist to Andrae Crouch

Penned by Andrae Crouch Performed by Michael Jackson
Through It All

Soon and Very Soon

Let the Church Say Amen ft Bishop Marvin Winans

Take Me Back 

Faith Featuring Kim Burrell

My Tribute (To God Be the Glory)

Lord Open Up the Door


Sunday Music: Kim Burrell- I Come to You More than I Give


I'll Keep Holding On -Kim Burrell

I love me some Pastor Kim Burrell.  Her Jazz infused style of Gospel will reach your soul. She is a force to be reckoned with.
  One of my favorite songs by Pastor Burrell is "I'll Keep Holding On." It is a modern, fusion jazz rendition of the hymn "Hold to God's Unchanging Hand."
  This song will encourage you that no matter what goes on in your life, that you must hold to God's unchanging hand. Never let go and make sure you get really good grip.
  Get into "I'll Keep On Holding On,"  by Pastor Kim Burrell

Monday, It Is Well

Happy Monday Everyone!!! I know many of us dread the work week, but nevertheless, It Is Well. Listen to Pastor Kim Burrell as she declares that on this day it is well!!!!

Faith- Kim Burrell and Andrae Crouch

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith causes you to believe when what you see tells you to doubt. Faith gives you that extra push. Hold on to your faith. Love ya,


I Look To You

What do you when you've done all that's within your power?  When you've exhausted every resource of yours? I've learned in my 26 of existence that God is the author and the finisher of our faith. We must lean to him for all things.  I just simply look to you.