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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Missouri State Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

BREAKING: State judge strikes down #Missouri's same-sex marriage ban! via #NOH8 #LGBT #MarriageEquality #Equality
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Monday, November 3, 2014

10 Reasons It's Awesome Being a Black Gay Man

Check out  10 Reasons, It's Awesome Being a Black Gay Man 

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Stopped

I stopped worrying about other people.
I stopped living my life to please their opinions.
I stopped limiting myself.
I stopped dying and started living.
I stopped dreaming and started being.
I stopped the norm,
and became the abnormal.
I stopped being their puppet,
and I started
being me.
I stopped the bondage,
and I've found my Freedom.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Sunday

Have a Great Sunday.
With The Advancements in Marriage Equality,
New Loves emerging,
and people coming out and
loving themselves,
This week has been an awesome week.
What will the future hold.
Love ya,
a Butch Queen, GenderQueer, Named,

Friday, October 10, 2014

Stop Searching, It Will Come

  It's been almost a month since my break up with my last lover.  Things seemed to be going well for the 2 months that we were together, however entering
 into the third phase or third month I noticed that his communication would get slack, unless he needed money or needed some type of assistance.  My ex, whom we'll call "Anton," turned out to be a sweet dream and beautiful nightmare.

  Anton seemed like the perfect one for me, but then there were too many red flags and I began catching him in several lies. He would complain about me doing church work and accuse me of not making time for him, when I would sacrifice time with friends and family for him.  However, Anton could not sacrifice for me. So , I had to let him go. 

  I know my worth and I know what I deserve, and I deserve better than a quickie and more than a relationship out of convenience for what I can do.  I need someone that can value me as whole and will treat me like the King that I am.

  I didn't really want to write about the break up, but I needed to get it off my chest. For some reason this week, I felt overlooked and rejected when it came to dating. Granted I've been getting hits from Facebook and other dating apps, but it's always the same games.

You know: the nsa, you have to fit certain criteria, and stuff that make you feel like you aren't good enough, or either you must be DL and masculine.

  I'm sorry but that's not what I'm seeking. I'm seeking a lifetime commitment and not a fly by night operation.

  I've resolved within myself to stop searching for love and the perfect relationship and it will come to me in due time.  I want it to be right now, but right now, I have so many things that I want to do for myself and I'm not sure if I'm ready. Only time will tell.

  I've learned that good things come to those who wait. I guess I'll have to wait.

Friday, October 3, 2014

What is Really Going On?

Destination DMV Is Still In View for
2015. I've had to shift some things around due to some
unfortunate circumstances.
However, everything is coming up roses.
Be sure to click the picture if 
you would like to help me
reach my destination.
Love ya,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Quote of the Day: Butch Queen....


Monday, September 1, 2014

My Labor Day Weekend

   Hey Family. I pray that all is well with you all. Things are well. My labor day weekend was great. I spent it with family and the Bae. We went to Atlanta for some festivities and came back to sleep all day and eat up all we could at Grandma Musique's house.
  I pray that your weekend was safe. I will be back to regular blogging tomorrow. Love ya,

Monday, August 25, 2014

A New Day, A New Week

    It's a New Day and a New Week. What will you do with it? Will you spend it regretting and worrying about missed opportunities?
  It's time to start fresh and to continue on. It's time for you to aim high for your dreams. Speak positive things over yourself. Don't stress yourself. It may be, Monday, but it's a new day for new opportunities to arise in your life!!!
Love ya,

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Dinner

  Hey Guys,
 I pray that you all had a wonderful Sunday.  Mine was great and I enjoyed every bit of it. I spent the day with my Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, and Nephews as well as my Dad.  It was restful!!!
  I had a great dinner and I had a peaceful day of movies and smack talking with the Suber Clan. It was a joy for me because lately, I rarely have time for Sunday Dinner with the family.  Growing up and even before I graduated from college, Sunday Dinner was a staple in my upbringing and even into my now, adulthood. T
 Thank God for Sunday dinner. I can't wait to start my own family and continue on the tradition,
Love ya,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Musique Wants to be A Parent

  Here lately, I've been suffering from baby fever.  I've been imagining how my life would be if I had a child or children.  I see many of my peers get married and start families, and I often wonder what has kept me from getting married and starting a family.
  Well for starters, I wanted to find myself before settling down, I wanted to make sure I am financially stable, and I also wanted to make sure that I am ready for kids and marriage. So far, I've found myself and getting financially stable. I just need the marriage and kids (Smile).
  Everyone has complimented me whenever I've taken care of my God children, neices, and nephews, that I would make a good father. I've also been honored as an honorary father by various organizations that I'm affiliated due to me teaching youth and instilling morals into young people and just being a parental figure in some people's life and even encouraging other people to become more stable and mature.
 Although, I do not have any biological children of my own, the parental instinct comes out. It happens sometimes with my friends, with the youth that I mentor, and other youth that look up to me.
  It's all fine and dandy to have "play children," or "God children," but it would be nice to have my own kids.  One major setback however, is my HIV status. With me being positive, if I were to artificially inseminate or impregnate, it would be very risky. Granted the mother would be on a treatment to prevent or reduce the risk of passing HIV to her and the child, I have backed down on planning a journey in parenthood. However, more than likely I will adopt. Even if I was about to have biological children, I would still adopt or become a foster parent, and a darn good one at that!!! I want to be able to help someone or a child who has been put in the system or kicked out for whatever reason. I want to also care for children who are stuck in a crazy situation. I would make a great parent.

#TBT- Chrisette Michele - If I Have My Way by Bradley

  Hey Guys,
  It's been 4 years since I started the Bradley Show on Youtube. Many of you know that I love singing and love doing music. I'm currently working on starting my own independent label and music career. Many of you have seen the link entitled Bradley's Music. This is a link that I'm using to crowd to help start my music career and trademarking some things.
  Below is a cover that I did of Chrisette Michele's "If I Have My Way." It is one of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy it. Love ya,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good Morning... Put It In Your Mouth

Good Morning. It's Hump Day!!! The weekend is almost here. Now grab your toothbrush and toothpaste on it. Then put it in your and kill the bad breath of yesterday and last night. Just put it in your mouth.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Reason I Blog

 One thing I'm learning to do in life is to take some time out for me.  With a more than hectic schedule and life changes all around me, I realize that me time is very effective and necessary.  Sometimes in life we've got to yell "Time Out!!!"
   There is nothing wrong with regrouping yourself.  The reason why I'm writing this piece is that right now I feel a little burnt out with life, blogging, and what not. However, I'm still going to continue to write.
  I often wonder, if what I'm writing interesting. I ask myself "how many people are viewing this blog," "why do you keep blogging for," "what's your point."  For each question I have an answer.
  First answer, Just as long as one person views this blog I am happy. Second Answer, I keep blogging to help others and to ease my mind. Third answer, Everyone needs an encouraging word, some news, or some truth.  I may not be a celebrity or media whore blogger, nor am I a faggoty shady blogger, I'm just me. I have my opinions and I write about them, however I would NEVER demean someone or do like some other bloggers who have rose to fame, and take jabs at people who are obviously making more money than me. I just don't see the point.
  I believe in being positive. Now granted some people want me to shut this blog down, but if it happens, it will be on my own terms and not theirs.  I'm going to keep blogging. I may not have much to say. I may not make sense, but this my blog.

6 People In A Relationship

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm Already Justified

   I have greatly matured since the inception of this blog.  I've come into a better place than what I was even on last year.  The reason why I'm happy and in a better is that I refuse to justify myself or my actions to other people.
  This came to me after a conversation with an associate. Many people know of me being in the ballroom scene and active in ministry.  Many people know me from being a blogger and very out spoken. 
  Well a couple nights ago a friend and I were talking about the latest happenings in my life. I mentioned my latest victory at my first major ball.  The person attempted to shut me down by reminding me of religious obligations. That's when I attempted to justify myself to that associate, however in the midst of the conversation, the phone call dropped.  It was only silence.
  I played back the conversation in my mind and I asked myself "why am I explaining myself to him."  It was that point that I realized that I have no need to justify or explain myself to people. Why do I have to give an explanation of why I choose to  wear certain clothes, sing certain songs, eat certain foods, or express myself in a certain way? I don't. 
  I feel this way; if you don't like something about me and feel the need to down me, then I don't need you in my life. If you can't celebrate me and not just tolerate me, I will question why the hell you are in my life.
  If it sounds shady, I meant for it to be.
Love ya,

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Black Church: Witch Hunts on the Gays

   Many of you are familiar with the Salem Witch Hunts that took place in the earlier part of History in which people in the Puritan Colonies would be called a witch and be put through water boarding tests and tortured which would force them into confessing.
  In today's society the witch hunt is in the Black Church and it is thrown at the Gays, Bisexuals, Down Low Men, and especially Transgender.  It is nothing new to hear a pastor in the pulpit say "I'd rather have a son that's a murderer than a sissy,"  or my personal favorite "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."  These are all things that I've grown up hearing all the time. When I was younger I didn't understand it, but now that I'm older and I am who I am, I've learned a lot more about myself and life in general.
  As I've grown and have left and have come back to the church, I've learned that in most traditional churches, there is a witch hunt much like that of the Salem Witch Hunts. Only it isn't with witchcraft, it is with homosexuality.  It seems as if the church has forgotten about all the other sins such as fornication, adultery, lust, envy, hatred, lying, stealing, covetous behaviors, just to name several.  However, homosexuality is the biggest of these.
  I find fault with this because the Bible clearly says that no sin is greater than the other.  It's all an abomination to God.  So why, pray tell, that people always wants to call out the Gays and Lesbians?  Didn't God create them and doesn't he love them as much as the thief, the liar, the adulterer, the whore, the deceiver? Through all of the religious doctrine and ex gay therapy, and I can say this from experience, there is often times where LGBT Christians are taught to hate themselves because of something that they couldn't control. As a result we have suicides and people getting married and forced into relationships in order to be accepted by so called "Christian People."
  This is not Christ like at all. The Bible teaches that we are to help and approach people out of love and not out of hate.  Why go up to a person and tell them that they are going hell, when they really just need to be told that God loves you as you are?
 It's nothing worse than coming into a church and being called a "faggot"or a "sissy" because you aren't super masculine or because you wear an earring in each ear. Not only that being called gay because you did the latest fashion trend, but the other guys in the church can do it AFTER you've done it.
  It seems today that a lot of, and I hate to say it, Self hating, Gay, Down Low Pastors and Prophets are looking to "expose" people for being gay if they listen to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, wear skinny jeans, or is the least bit androgynous for their gender.  Really? I didn't know fashion or taste in music determined your sexuality.  It even goes down to if you say certain words or if you even hang out with someone who is LGBT?  So the church has reduced itself to a judging house?  Last time I checked the Bible says not to judge lest we'll be judge in the same manner in which judged.  Yes I said it!!! I don't understand how the church became such a place where people can't come as they are without church folks looking at them side eyed and whispering or the Pastor throwing stones. Not to mention all of the "Pastor Said this and that." Honey you better study for yourself and stop listening to the Pastor like he's God himself. The Pastor is a mere man who can wrongly divide the word of God.
I guess that's all I have to say...for right now.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sometimes I.....

  Sometimes I don't feel like getting out of bed. Sometimes I don't feel like getting dressed. Sometimes I don't feel like doing anything. Sometimes I don't feel like moving.  Sometimes, I just want to run away.
  In these moments, I encourage myself to run on and see what the end is going to be. 
 Sometimes I want to give up, but I realize it is not in my make up. Sometimes, I want to say "to hell with it all," but then my dreams will stall.
  Sometimes, I wonder what tomorrow will hold if I hadn't made a past mistake or if I would have jumped in a lake. Sometimes, I cry and sometimes I sigh.
  But through it all I make it through those times where I question my existence.  Around my soul and heart I've build a fence only to find it didn't make sense, to block the blessings that God wants to send.  I'm sorry if this offends, but sometimes this is just how I feel.
  Right now as my heart beats still, I know that this too shall pass. This man of sass and talent refuses to quit.
  I may have few words and may often times just ramble on, Sometimes I just gotta feel what I feel and move on with my life. I will not live in strife.
Sometimes I....