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So Freaking Embarrassed

What are some of your most embarrassing moments? Lord, forbide if it was on a date or just simply dealing with bullcrap while on a date. Check out Black, Trans, & Beautiful, as we discuss being "Embarrassed by The 'D.'"

When He Asks for Your Snapchat

What is your response when someone hits you up on social media feigning an interest in dating, but then asks for your snapchat, kik or other social media?
What the hell?
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PSA From Black, Trans, & Beautiful

Here are some announcements from Black, Trans, & Beautiful.  HIT THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW!!!

@DreBae_ That Elegant Confidence

If you hating on me, I take that as a compliment

You must not love yourself & got offended by my confidence 💎 — Elegant💎 (@Drebae_) February 27, 2018

Number 17 by Dezmen Alexander

Rebranding My Youtube

It's February 20th, 2018 and Youtube has taken away monetization for accounts with under 1000 subscribers and those who do not have at least 4000 view hours. What a way to crap on smaller Youtubers and Black Folks. Anyway. That is the reason why I went to podcasting. So Check out the video after the jump as to what I'm doing in lieu of Youtube. I may still use Youtube to promote Black, Trans, & Beautiful and Naked Colors, Which are my podcasts. There's more than one way to monetize my videos without Google's Monetization. Youtube be doing too much

Black Panther Cast Competes in Compliment Battle


Stuff You Should Know- Narcissism: What About Me?

Josh and Chuck of "Stuff You Should Know" a podcast that educates the masses, recently talked about narcissism.  This an episode that will truly help you especially during this time of the holidays. Check out the podcast below.

Death, Loss, and Life

So I realize that it has been a while since I've actually written in this blog.  I do try to post as much as possible. I'm coming to learn that blogging is a good cathartic release of all of the energy that has been plaguing life and more.  I'm thankful for the gift of writing and what it does for the human soul.
  I must admit the last week and a half has been kind of rough.  I recently loss one of my favorite uncles, Mario.  Sadly he passed away, but thankfully he is not suffering anymore and he's not in pain or having to battle being confined to a wheelchair. He's gotten his wings and I'm just glad that he's not suffering anymore.
  This has been the second loss I've experienced in my family since April, so it has been kind of crazy.  To add on top of that, I've started hormone replacement therapy and I've been real bitch!!! With so many people in my ear about this and that, I actually just need a reprieve from it all.  So I've decid…

Madame Queen

She's The backbone of civilization.
The most disrespected being on Earth.
She's Your Mother, Sister, Auntie, Cousin, Wife, Lover, and Friend.
She's Madame Queen.
She's Royalty.
She's a Goddess.
She's Madame Queen.
Adore Her.
She's Madame Queen

Get "Don't Stop" by Yannick Taylor

Hypermasculinity and the Black Community


Coming Out Transgender at Work from The Gender Rebels Podcast @TheGenderRebels

Transitioning is a process and is one heck of a journey. The Gender Rebels Podcast, Gives advice to the Transgender Community, In regards to "Coming Out Trangender at Work."

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New Episodes Coming to the Black, Trans, & Beautiful Podcast August 28th 2017

The Topic will be HIV/AIDS Education, Awareness, Prevention, and Dating 
Join the Discussion on August 28th, 2017 at 8pm Eastern Time.
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What is Transgender Ep1 of Black, Trans, and Beautiful

Let's Talk About "Moonlight"