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2013: The Beginning

What can I say about 2012? I've had breakups, make ups, shake ups, and just plan good clean old fun.  Many of you know that the last few years have proven to be of me finding myself and really discovering who I, Bradley aka Musique is.  2012 has been a year of awakenings and confessions. I've had struggles and things to transpire, but I'm still surviving.
  For 2013, I have plans to move to Maryland, repair my credit, and find myself getting out of debt. I also plan to keep myself healthy.  I've decided to alleviate as much stress as possible.  That will start with ignoring a lot of my family.  For some reason, my family feels that their opinions are suppose to scare me. NO MORE!!! That ended in 2010.  My life hasn't been better.  Unfortunately , I'm living with a bigoted, hypocritical Christian relative, I just move on with my life and continue to do me. This is a goal that I have set in 2013; Continue to live and to get away from my kindred.
  I've lost…

Miss Thang Got Brave

Well Y'all this Divo Got Brave over the weekend.  What happened you may ask?  I finally stepped to someone, while I was in my entertainment get up!!!
  Saturday I had event to perform at Saturday, my son and bestie were with me and  we were just enjoying the packed facility as well as the other entertainers.  I had some spirits with cranberry in my system, so you know I was feeling myself.  I had a new outfit on and my hair was laid like Jussie Smollet in "The Skinny."
  I knew I looked great. I gave a rave performance and I was just enjoying my son and best friend. Well we partied and I had been noticing this fine little chocolate drop dancing on the floor. Just the cutest thing I'd ever seen that night. Don't get me wrong. There were some fine tenderonies, but this one in particular caught my eye.
  Well after I loaded my car, I saw him going to his car and I asked his entourage what his name was.  He told me his name and we chit chatted. Mind you I was in m…


Sometimes I feel like blogging, Sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I want to sing, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I want to sleep, sometimes I don't.     What do we do in those sometimes moments?  I guess we should do what we feel.  That's how I've been feeling here lately.  Due to my work schedule I haven't been able to blog like I want to. However, I've tried to do as much as possible. I understand that at times, life does get hectic.  I am thankful for the events that are taking place.  I've been doing auditions as well as making moves with other areas of my life.  It's all about living isn't it?  I guess sometimes we need to rest and sometimes we don't.  SOMETIMES!!!