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Getting Back To Me

It has been a very long time since I've sat my happy booty down and wrote in this blog.  One reason is that I had been sick with a stomach virus. Then as I recuperated I broke my laptop charger and I just got a new one a couple days ago. Then I had to make a trip to the DMV for an even that later got cancelled due to a snow storm.     I can't complain, though. I needed this break. I needed some time away to regroup and to refresh myself.  We have to do that so that we won't lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life.  I am also thankful for my current lover.    Mr. Lover Boy has encouraged me to just enjoy life and have fun more often without stressing over things that are out of my control.  Look for it. Some exciting and new things are about to happen for this blog.  love ya, Yannick

What Do You Want Out of Life?

What do you want out of life? What do you desire for yourself? In this new year of 2015, It is time for us to examine the things that we really want out of life.  You must make that decision.   Is it happiness, success, love, and peace?  If so take the necessary steps to uproot and over throw everything and everybody that is preventing you from getting to happy. It is mandatory. It isn't a choice.   If you want sadness, pain, tragedy, then keep doors open to people that don't want you to succeed, drain you, and kill your dreams.   The choice is yours. What do you want out of life?

Crying Isn't A Sign of Weakness


Happy Sunday

Have a Great Sunday. With The Advancements in Marriage Equality, New Loves emerging, and people coming out and loving themselves, This week has been an awesome week.
What will the future hold.
Love ya, a Butch Queen, GenderQueer, Named, Musique

Strength in Saying "No"

Recently I had a situation in which someone called me "weak" just for saying no to a proposition that could land me in a lot of trouble spiritually and could really mess up my life. That often happens in life whenever someone offers us a deal that sounds too good to be true or when we are in relationship and someone wants to sample our tasteful nectar saying no will make them mad and cause us to seem like a punk, wuss, or weak. However,  I've often found that saying "no" is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of us being stronger than what we thought.
  Saying "no," will also allow you to see who your real friends are.  Whenever a person asks you for a favor and you really can't help them and you say "no," their reaction and actions will say a lot.  If they say "I understand man. You're always there for me," they are very understanding. If afterwards they still hang around you and end up giving back to you for what you&…

Don't Lose Yourself

Over the course of the last few days, during my blogcation, I've come to realize a three word phrase. This phrase is something that is necessary to listen to.  That phrase is "Don't Lose Yourself."
  When one loses themselves, it means that they have lost who they are, what they like, and their identity, as a whole.  This is quite common in a relationship.  It happens because one party is so busy making sure that their mate is happy, that they sacrifice friends, family, relationships, and what they love doing. This can cause issues with that person trying to make the relationship work. They will feel that what they do is never enough and they may feel unappreciated.
  I advise you and I take this advice for myself, although you may be in a relationship, don't lose yourself. Don't allow yourself to be so absorbed in your mate that you forget about yourself.  Set boundaries and communicate with your mate.  If they can't agree to certain terms and wants yo…

Our LGBTQI Family Abroad: What Can We Do?

For the last few months I've had a lot on my heart concerning our LGBTQI Family abroad. With countries such as India, Uganda, and other countries criminalizing homosexuality and ostracizing our Brothers and Sisters.  Not only do they face exile but they face death simply for partaking in one thing....LOVE!!!!
  Here lately there has been a burden on my heart.  I've asked myself "what can we as a community of people to help our LGBTQI Family abroad." I know many people have taken up donations, made petitions, and have fought hard, but I feel there is more that we can do.
  With all the calamity in the world, I feel that the USA's hands are tied. With this stupid lawsuit against our President, the War in Israel, and the Outbreak Ebola, the whole World's hands are tied. Now before I go any further, please do not start in on me Holy Rollers with Religious Propaganda. Some of you all are the reason why the LGBTQI Community is going through so much hell right n…

Relaxation Time

After a hard days work I find it necessary to come home and relax. I hadn't done much blogging yesterday due to a death in the family.  The last day and a half have been stressful.
   Dealing with crazy people at work and more stress on top of more stress, I think it is time for Musique to relax and to clear his mind for a while.  Trust me it is much needed.
   I'm also trying to figure out what direction to take this blog. I have a lot that I desire to become of this blog. I guess I'll just have to pull some trial and error and see what happens.
Love ya,

Is the World Ready For An Openly Gay Gospel Artist?

Is the World ready for an Openly Gay Gospel Artist?  I have been asking this question for quite sometime.  When I ask myself this question I think of one of my favorite singers, B. Slade and his transition from Tonex.  
His coming out and transition to R&B, really rocked the Christian world and the God heads really threw shade upon him.  However, have you ever noticed a lot of feminine, yet closeted male Gospel singers who are singing the gospel? Not to mention when Famed Pace Sister, Dejuaii Pace admitted to being a lesbian, I felt that a door was open for openly Gay Gospel and Christian artists. However, its not so much as the world, but is the CHURCH, ready for an openly Gay artist? Although we have a lot of Gay friendly and Gay Affirming Ministries, is there room for an openly LGBT artist?
  It's nothing new on Sunday mornings to hear anti-gay rhetoric and the shame is that you have fellow LGBT, open and down low, bashing other gays.  Let's be real, if it wasn't…

I Have No Life

Today, I took a moment to examine my life. I've come to the realization that I have no life.  All I do is work, church, and come home.  Yes, I've entered into a new relationship and I'm working on my first album and relocation to NorthWest DC, however it seems that there is just not enough time.
  I try to make sure that I enjoy life, however, it seems to piss people off whenever I take time for myself. Granted I spend time working on this blog and trying to make it work for me so I won't have to punch a steady 9-5 and I also try to spend time clearing my mind however sometimes I just feel like I get burned out!!!
  Sometimes I just want to scream!!!
  I'm almost 30 years old (2016) and I feel like I'm behind.  While everyone is buying their dream homes and married, I'm still dating and still trying to get half of what they have.  I feel that I have no life. I feel that I'm in danger of being unaccomplished.  I see that people that are younger than…

Students See Gay Couple Kiss and Get Upset for the Right Reasons

Change is Necessary

One thing that I've learned in life that is constant is change.  Change means that everything shifts, becomes new, or holds a new position.  Change may not always be how we want it, but it is necessary.
  Change may not feel comfortable, but it is necessary. Change may mean we loose some friends and loose some possessions, but it is necessary.
Change is necessary.

Life Gets Hectic

I know many of you have been feeling like I've been neglecting this blog and you, my faithful readers, but life has been hectic for me. With work and recent church events. Then also I've had a lot going on with family. I'm glad to say it's finally toned down for me and I'm glad about it.
  Life gets hectic sometimes, but you must always remember to take time for yourself. That's why tonight I'm spending some me time cleaning and going to the gym. God knows I haven't been in a forever. Then after the festivities, I'm going to get a good nights sleep. I love being me. Don't you love it too?

Have a Great Sunday

I pray that you all have had a great Sunday. Things have been hectic because of the demands of ministry and life. I will be coming back with some riveting posts.
Love ya,

I am Dirty

Hi, I'm Musique and I'm HIV positive. I always thought it would never happen to be, but I got that vision shattered in 2012.  Although I am HIV Positive, I am a happy, HEALTHY, ambitious person. I'm a musician, blogger, actor, youtube Personality.
  However to some I am "Dirty."  I'm sure that many of you all have seen online dating profiles that says this "no positive dudes. Must be Clean. NO dirty booties. No tainted meat." The list could go on. Those are codes for telling people with HIV that they are not welcomed and that they are "unclean" in the eyes of the HIV Negative LGBT members. These terms are offensive and hurtful, but I refuse to let someone else's ignorance cause me harm or cause myself esteem to be low.
   To those who feel like everyone who his HIV Positive is a whore I have something to say. There are those who contracted it from intravenous drug use (contaminated needles), born with it because their mother had HIV…

It's Friday!!!!

Well It's Finally Friday and I'm very excited, even though I do have to work this weekend. I'm happy to say that I survived another week and that I'm surviving my God's Grace.
  Let's just say this week has been kind of stressful and I've found my self in state of irritability. I've been preparing for my future and although it isn't happening the way that I want it, I know that things will work out. I just have to keep pushing and patiently waiting.  I do know that things will work out soon as far as job placement and residential situations.
  It is Friday and I'm going to rejoice. Time to relax with some good food and some good music.
Love ya,

Life is Sweet

Life is Sweet When You Smile

Not Everyone Will Like You

One thing that I've learned as a singer, blogger, and youtube personality, is that not everyone will like you.
There will always be those who think that your views, songs, or personality is a joke.  However, I've learned not to take it personal. People will have something to say about whatever you do or go.  With a recent blog post on effemiphobia and somethings that were posted on Facebook, I've come under attack, which really encouraged me and made me laugh at the same token.
  Although some feel that the article was a joke and others felt it was a good article, I think I served my job as a blogger. As with any blog or article on a personally hosted or owned venue, it is solely that person's views. If it offends some, cause some to not agree, cause some to agree, or makes some happy or sad, its cool. That's life.
  Understand that when I write in this blog it is not to offend or cause hurt, or to be a joke as some stated,but to express my thoughts and feelings…

Enjoy Your Weekend

Smile. It's the Weekend. Go enjoy your life!!! I'll be back Monday with more posts Musique

Monday Thoughts: GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!!!!

It's another Monday. Another day going into the "dungeon" aka the workplace. As I write this piece, I am preparing myself for the work week. I am also preparing myself for my dreams that lie ahead.  Being in the work force for the last ten years and working for other people has come with great benefits, but one must go for their dreams and do something that they love.
  Going for your dreams may cause you to sacrifice. It may also cause you to cut some ties, but never the less, going for your dreams have been God ordained for you life. Your dream is what God has been giving to you accomplish. It is not just a dream, but it is your mission. It is your call.
  Go get your dreams and do the thing now!!!! Don't waste another minute.
  Just a quick Monday Thought,