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@MontreBible "Hooking Up" for Sex Online

Big Brother, Author, Model, and Youtube Star, Montre of Montre Bible has some insightful advice on Hooking up using online dating and dating apps. His words are very wise. Check him out below!!!!

@MontreBible How Important is Sex


Many of you all have been wondering how to catch a boyfriend? Well Montre of Montre Bible and Youtube, gives us some tips on how to meet a boyfriend. Guys listen up!!! Montre has some great some tips for you all. Get into his video below.

@MontreBible Do You Have Gaytitude

Montre is one of my favorite youtubers and bloggers. He is also an author and artist that has so much to offer and will give you a good bit of wisdom.  Montre poses a very important question to us Gay men .  Do YOU have Gaytitude? You know what that attitude is that attitude that seems like you been sucking on lemons all day. It is better known as a STANK ATTITUDE. Like Montre I'm tired of Gay men having a stank/GAYtitude.  Get into his wisdom below.

@MontreBible Best Places to Meet Gay Guys

Tired of the horny creeps and catfish scenario's from Jack'd, A4A, BGC. Well Montre of the hit blog Montre Bible, gives us the best places to meet Gay guys. You'll love his take on the Gay dating scene.

@MontreBible Masc Vs. Fem: The Gay War

Ladies and Gentlemen, Montrehas something to say.  What is it with this war in in the Gay community? You know which war I'm talking about. The War between the Masculine Gays and the Feminine Gays.  Montre, of Who the Hell Is Montre Bible, gives a little insight on the details of this war. He even tackles the "no fats, no fems," nonsense. Get into the video below.

@MontreBible Good Christians Must Stop the Gays

Montre of Montre Biblehas an uncanny sense of humor.  He is one of my favorite vloggers and bloggers. He just makes sense in what he is saying about those "Good Christians" who want to stop the gays.