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Moving and Shaking

Many of you know that I have been planning a move to Washington, DC by the end of this year (2015).  So Far things have not been going as planned, but even better.  How so?
  I've been able to network and survey the area in which I would like to live as well as make sure that I have everything I need in order to make the move possible.  The major obstacle in my way right now is finding a job and making sure that I have the proper amount of money saved that will allow me to be financially stable for this move.
 If you see the crowdfunding venture Destination DMV, feel free to share, contribute, and spread the word. This would help with moving expenses and getting situated in the DMV.  It will be greatly appreciated.  Attached are reward levels for each donation.  You will also be recognized via Youtube and this blog.

It's So Close

WOW 3 months and I will be moving. I want to thank those who have contributed so far to Destination DMV (Click the Widget Above and Highlighted Title). I'm kind of antsy because in the preparation process, everything that wants to happen is happening, however, I do believe that all things will work out for me at the appointed time.    I'm anxious about leaving my family but also starting a new chapter in my life and more.  I have big hopes and dreams and I am to reach them. I plan on furthering my music career and I also plan on achieving some goals in the entertainment industry. Its so close I can taste it, Musique

Destination DMV Progress

WOW in a few months I will be saying Goodbye to South Carolina and starting a new life.  Many of you all are familiar with my move that I've called Destination DMV. I've been filling out job applications and looking at various places to live around the DC area. I'm going to also look in Virginia as well. Many of you all have seen me sharing the links of a crowd funding venture entitled Destination DMV (pictured above).  I'm trying to see what area I really want to move into.  If you are in the DMV area reach out to me on this blog. Love ya,

Trying Not to Stress

Many of you know that I am moving to Washington D.C. by March, 2014.  In recent months, I've made a lot of transitions and I'm staying busy.  However, I'm trying my best not to stress about anything, but it is difficult sometimes.
  I've been applying for jobs in the DMV area as well as eyeing different places to live and talking with various connections.  I have so much that I want to do yet so little time. I'm afraid that I don't take enough time for me.
  All I do is work, work, work, and I don't really take time to really enjoy anything or take a vacation.  One reason for me working so dang hard is that I'm wanting my finances to be in a certain place so I will be able to travel more, have nice things, as well as finish paying off these God awful student loans. A Good friend of mine Mr. PiMusiquegot me to thinking after a much needed conversation.
  I think right now I am trying to do too much at one time instead of taking it one step at a time.…

Moving Out

Hello Family,
  Many of you know that I a moving to the DMV in September (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!!!!). Well this past weekend, I've found myself moving out to a temporary place until I move to Maryland in September.  In a sense I was kind of forced to.
  A couple nights ago, dear old uncle and I got into a big fight over my sexuality and the fact that I am an entertainer at various night venues.  All I'm doing is putting on sequins and giving the kids life!!!
  Well, he started the religious bull crap calling me a spirit and saying that I'm going to hell for being who God has created me to be. He even threatened to call the police on me to make me remove my clothing that I use for BDe'Neice Productions.  However, I'm not worried, I've found a new place to stay.  I may have to fork out some money and budget, but I'm willing to do what the heck I have to do in order to survive.
 Please Keep me in your prayers as I make small transition before a bigger t…

Running Through My Mind

As I sit at this computer so much is running through my mind.  I am sitting at home literally bored. I've been wanting to hang out with some of my associates, but everyone is always busy or we can never seem to get it together.  I really don't have that many friends.  My and a few of my friends fell out over this past weekend due to me really not wanting to hear a lot of idle gossip. My eyes opened up to a lot. I am thankful that it happened.
  As of now, I am doing things regardless of people's opinion.  As I write this blog, I have sought advice on how to make this blog pop and boom.  I've been told to cover big media topics.  That's all fine and dandy, but that isn't me.  When I first got into blogging, I was just doing it because it seemed cool. It is now an outlet for me and a way for me to educate everyone on various things and life goals.  I realized that covering celebrities didn't work for me. Just being my own self works just fine and dandy.

7 Days of Me: Day 3 Its Hump Day and I've Been Pushed

Today is Hump Day!!! It's that one day of the week that let's you know you've made it to the middle and still have a couple more days to the freaking weekend.  It may have challenges, ups and downs, but all shall be well.
  Today as apart of the 7 Days of Me plan, I've been getting in tune with myself. Today I really I had to catch myself because I was agitated at a simple mistake that I had made at work. Everything was corrected, but I was ill because My day had started out so perfect, but then this happened and that one particular co-worker worked my dangum nerves today.  However, I did like I've done most of this week, I remained prayerful.  It was difficult in all the chaos, but just as long as I was able to say "Lord, Help," or a "Thank you, Jesus," or just call on Jesus, I was okay.  I knew that if I could just make it through this shift, I would be okay.
  Today has been a day that I have been pushed to get what I need and want.  I had…