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Happy Tuesday: Let It Go

Many of us have things that we have dealt with from our past. We may be holding on to past hurts and past failures. We have something that we need to do with the things of the past. that is LET IT GO. It may take having to go to therapy, doing counseling, cutting toxic people away, confronting the issue, but you must LET IT GO. Let it go so you can heal. Happy Tuesday, Yannick

You Do You and I Do Me. Let Me Get My Own Success!

For the last few days my mantra has been "You do you and I'm gonna do me." Whenever you here someone say that Mantra it means that seasons are about to change and some people are about to part ways.  The reason I've been on this "I'mma do me," tangent is because I see things that I want and I refuse to let anyone tell me not to go for what I want.   After hearing that I'm making a mistake by moving to certain places and living my life as only I can live and living for me, I've decided to do me.  If I am making a mistake it's for me to learn.  Right now I'm in a place to where I can't digest everyone else's feedback or what they think is right for me. I feel that everyone wants me to have success by their means and that they are looking at past mistakes that I've made and thinking that I'm dumb or just flying by the seat of my pants.   I'm at a point to where, They can do them and I'mma do me. Just plain and simple…