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I Stand Out and It's Cool

One thing that I've noticed in my surroundings, be it work, home, family gatherings, or church, is that I stand out.  I stick out like a sore thumb. Even out in public people stare at me and look at me because I'm different. Especially in the south, a Black Man wearing his head wrapped, wearing skinny jeans, a fitted tea, feminine is still a sight even though its 2013.  I must admit, I am eccentric and I love it.   Also one thing that makes me eccentric is that, I break the norm. I don't fall into the stereotype or traditional roles of a Black man in the South.  I remember a few years ago during a visit home for 4th of July, I had naired my legs, arched my eyebrows, styled my hair curly for the Gods, and wore my nice pink polo with my favorite pair of blue jean shorts, which they've seen me where before.  My dearest uncle leaned over to me and asked me "are you wearing make up? and where is the hair on your legs?" I ignored him and continued in the conversatio…