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@Youaintnoman #TransFolksAreNotJokes

I love myself some The M.A.N. Podcast. The M.A.N. podcast encourages "Masculinity, Allyship, and Nourishment."
Recently The M.A.N. Podcast deals with the transgender community and comments made by Lil Duval on his August appearance of the Breakfast Club. With education and knowledge, Baeby Huey (twitter: @BaebyHuey) & Jae (twitter: @Jae_The_Host) enlighten and nourish us with knowledge and how to treat the transcommunity. Check it out below.

The Diva that Stole Christmas

Diamyn, The Princess, Joins us for the First Time in Ages and Yannick, the Priestess Ain't Got time for ninjas in these streets. These two divas are gonna steal Christmas and make it Fabulous. Tweet us at BTransBPodcast
Catch the recap on Youtube at

Terry Crews Takes on Adam Venit Via Lawsuit

Sometimes They Come Back

In the recent installment of "Black, Trans, & Beautiful" Yannick Goes off about crazy exes and why we should let them stay exes. She also sounds off on Tina Campbell's Coonery and Racist Homophobe in Government.