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The Family Brawl #melanatedmemoir #podcasts


Melanated Memoirs: I Almost Died in Church

Mystic Jeune Chapter 8 New Doors

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Mystic Jeune Chapter 5 A New Day

On Chapter 5 of my fiction podcast segment "Mystic Jeune" on Black Trans & Beautiful. In this chapter we see blossoming of a new love. We also see teenage love. The shade and reads are real. Will Thomas be able to win back LeJeune? Check out "Mystic Jeune: A New Day". It is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, and Spotify. For early access you can go to My Patreon page at You can also support at

So Freaking Embarrassed

What are some of your most embarrassing moments? Lord, forbide if it was on a date or just simply dealing with bullcrap while on a date. Check out Black, Trans, & Beautiful, as we discuss being "Embarrassed by The 'D.'"

PSA From Black, Trans, & Beautiful

Here are some announcements from Black, Trans, & Beautiful.  HIT THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW!!!

Black, Trans, & Beautiful Now on Thursdays

Black, Trans, & Beautiful, a podcast from the Black Trans Perspective will now be posting on Thursdays. With a change in schedule comes a change in production.  However, If you would like the episode before The Thursday release on iTunes, Googleplay, Spotify, and Stitcher, as well as bonus unaired episodes, go to our Patron page at . You can also support our Patreon at to keep the Podcast going.
  We love our listeners and our patrons and we want to give you the best show ever!!!

Surviving Valentine's Day as a Single Woman

Well Valentine's Day is Upon Us! While many of us are in a thriving relationship, some of us are single or in the Friend Zone. Well on Black, Trans & Beautiful I discuss surviving Valentine's Day while single. Check out the video below for tips on Surviving Valentine's Day and Some Gift Ideas for Those you love,   Yannick

This Christmas

This Christmas will be a very special Christmas for ME! Happy Holidays Everyone. Happy New Year. Enjoy your holiday season and drink plenty of Egg Nog,
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Surviving Single Life During the Holidays

Skyn You're In : Mayvenn :

The Diva that Stole Christmas

Diamyn, The Princess, Joins us for the First Time in Ages and Yannick, the Priestess Ain't Got time for ninjas in these streets. These two divas are gonna steal Christmas and make it Fabulous. Tweet us at BTransBPodcast
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Moving Christmas

Should White People Adopt Black Children? @TalkItOut_Pod

As Per Talk It Out Podcasts Episode Description:
TW: suicide In this episode Gabby, Joy, and KT discuss "interracial" adoption and if they think it's a good idea. They then begin discussing why millennials resort to social media for help with their mental illness. Joy and KT get into a heated debate about if people go on there to seek attention. ...They made up later all is well....

Travel Life's Seas

Tina Campbell...What Happened Girl?

So Tina Campbell, Did You Postpone or Cancel Your "It's Still Personal Tour?" YOU HAVE BEEN TRUMPED!!!!

Facebook Trolls, Marcellus Williams, Kiwi (Kenny Herring)

Hypermasculinity and the Black Community


New Episodes Coming to the Black, Trans, & Beautiful Podcast August 28th 2017

The Topic will be HIV/AIDS Education, Awareness, Prevention, and Dating 
Join the Discussion on August 28th, 2017 at 8pm Eastern Time.
Join the call: Optional dial in number: 719-373-6775 PIN: 17568

I'm Not Trans Enough?

What is Transgender Ep1 of Black, Trans, and Beautiful