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You Can't Have My Stuff

You Can't Have My Stuff
I Paid for It.
I Worked Hard for It.
I Know You're Making Up Lies,
But the Truth Always Survives.
I Know You're Mad.
Bitch, Please.
You Still Can't Have My Stuff.
Get Your Own!!!

@spokenreasons They Are Kings

Comedian, Actor, Activist Spoken Reasons Sounds off on the Plight of the Black Man in America in "They Are Kings." Here some cold hard truth Below!!!

I'm Over It

I'm Over It. I'm over the lies, the bitterness, the abuse, the misuse, and all the stress that you've placed on me. I'm over your damn burdens. I'm over the bullshit that you've put me through. I'm over the harm that you've done to me. I'm over you non acceptance. This Bitch Right Here, Is no longer an angry Bitch. They are a Proud Black GenderQueer, Living life to the fullest.
I'm over you not living your truth. I'm over your mysogynistic, patriarchal, Religiously bigotted mentality. I'm over the self hatred. I'm over it!!! I'm most definitely over you. By the way. FUCK YOU!!!!

Good Morning, Love

Good Morning Love. I see you staring at me as I get ready to head to the office. Good Morning. Your taste awakens me like a cup of Folgers Coffee in the Morning Time. It feeds me like a Grand Slam at Denny's. Good Morning Love. I'll Be Home at 5.

I Stopped

I stopped worrying about other people. I stopped living my life to please their opinions. I stopped limiting myself. I stopped dying and started living. I stopped dreaming and started being. I stopped the norm, and became the abnormal. I stopped being their puppet, and I started being me. I stopped the bondage, and I've found my Freedom.

Let Me Dream

Let Me Dream. Let me rip this prison's seams.  Let my thoughts become a reality. This is no longer a fantasy. As I rise among the masses, my dreams must come to pass. Let Me Be, Happy To See, The dreams  come to be and cause me to beam.

You Know Who I Am

You Know Who I Am You've just seen me strut my stuff  and capture the gold. Forget what you've been told, You Know Who I Am. I'm the threat that lurks in the shadows. Aiming high while you're rolling in the lows, I'm picking up the pace, while your picking up your face. You know exactly who I am and what I'm capable of. I'm the threat that makes you upset and even makes you sweat. Hell, Even your booty gets wet. You Know who I am. Your man lusts after me, and it is me you want to be. Darling, You're so fierce as your soul my words do pierce. You're so late  and out of date, but You know who I am.

Sometimes I.....

Sometimes I don't feel like getting out of bed. Sometimes I don't feel like getting dressed. Sometimes I don't feel like doing anything. Sometimes I don't feel like moving.  Sometimes, I just want to run away.   In these moments, I encourage myself to run on and see what the end is going to be.   Sometimes I want to give up, but I realize it is not in my make up. Sometimes, I want to say "to hell with it all," but then my dreams will stall.   Sometimes, I wonder what tomorrow will hold if I hadn't made a past mistake or if I would have jumped in a lake. Sometimes, I cry and sometimes I sigh.   But through it all I make it through those times where I question my existence.  Around my soul and heart I've build a fence only to find it didn't make sense, to block the blessings that God wants to send.  I'm sorry if this offends, but sometimes this is just how I feel.   Right now as my heart beats still, I know that this too shall pass. This man …

Happy Birthday to Grandmother Musique

Well Today is an exciting and meaningful day today.  Today is my Grandmother's 77th Birthday. I am excited because my grandmother is an example of a survivor and the epitome of a role model.
  When I first came under my father's custody in 1986 my Grandmother practically raised me and even though I am 27 years of age, Grandma is still raising me.  I thank God for my grandmother because if it had not been for the God in her life I wouldn't be in church nor would I have my love for music.
  I remember as a kid on weekends and during the summer staying up late listening to the Caravans, the Clark Sisters, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Ella Fitzgerald, and even listening to "the Nutcracker" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.  My grandmother along with other relatives made sure I had music lessons and obtained a degree in music. Not to mention my grandmother had me singing in church.
  I thank God for my Grandmother's meals. Homegirl can burn in the kitchen. I especial…

@QuansWorld I Am Your Gay Son: Confessions of a Gay Son

Meet Marquan Nesbitt. He is a poetic voice for our LGBT Family. Recenty, Marquan released his poem entitled "I am Your Son: Confessions of a Gay Son."
In the poem Marquan please for a parent's acceptance even though, he is living a life deemed immoral by religion. Marquan expresses his need for a mother's tender love and care.
  This poem will surely grip your soul. He simply states "I am your son. I don't want you to regret me...Don't you ever forget, I am your son."  Get into "I am Your Son: Confessions of a Gay Son," below.

Overcast Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. The weather is cloudy with a 50 % chance of rain. Darkness is all around. However, my spirit is beaming. The sunshine in my heart is illuminating the way. Singing in my heart is "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength." I can't be sad. These Thoughts on an Overcast Tuesday

♫Musique's Poetry♫

I Cry

There are times when I look back over my life  and I cry. I reminisce on the victories won and I cry. My heart's dam bursts forth with tears  of joy. I refuse to be sad. For every door closed in my face God opened up windows and flooded my soul. You may see my strength, but you will never know, nor will you understand the tears that I've cried. Sometimes I sit and cry. Why? Because I've survived.

Just Say

Just say the truth.
Just say the words that you feel.
Just say I'm not what you want.
Just say it.
Don't lie.
The truth hurts, but say it.
Just say I'm better than you.
Just say it.

From Your Lips to My Heart

You have a way with words.
I can't explain how they make me feel.
Never have I fallen in love.
From your lips to my heart
there was a connection.
Your words missed my ear
and they went straight to my heart.
From your lips to my heart,
came life .
Now that we're heart to heart
Our bond is stronger.
There is something about your words.
They are more than words.
They are actions.
From your lips to my heart,
is the unconditional love that you've given me.
Now that we're heart to heart.
There's no where to go but foward.

Conversations Part 2

Scene: Coffee Shop in Some Rural Southern City
Me: (sips coffee) Hey there, Love Love: Hey, Boo. How are you? Me: I'm great. I haven't seen you around these parts. Love: That's partly your fault. Me: I know.  After all the pain and betrayal, I manged to move on. Love: That's because you had to learn how to use me all over again and forgive those jackasses for what they did. Me: That's true. You and Forgiveness go hand in hand. I'm ready to tango with you again.  Love: That's right. Just let Love in!!!

Decision, Decisions, Decisions (Repost)

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Which way do I turn? Where shall I go?

If I go this way, Sis. Lightbulb will have something to say.

If I go that way, Brother Watermelon will say God's wrath is upon me.

Should I stay or should I go?

If I stay, I will continue to struggle.

If I go, then they will miss out as well.

The partnership will end and I may be to blame.

What is the best option? What is the best decision?

I don't know what to do. Either way I go, someone will be upset and miffed at me.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

I'm trying to decide what's best for all parties involved, but I can't.

I'm trying to stand still and see the salvation, but I can't get rid of this big annoying bug in front of me.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Whatever I decide, everyone won't be pleased, but I need to make things better for me.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

What to do? One decision seems right, but the other seems to be the wisest.

God what do I do?


The Man behind The Mask (repost)

It's morning time,
Time to put on my mask.
The mask that protects me from hurt and harm.
I walk down the street a man of integrity and a man of strength.
Behind the mask are fears, abuse, and violations untold.
Behind the mask is a storm waiting to be released upon the world.
As the day progresses the heat bares down and the mask is unbearable.
I don't want to take it off.

My skin begins to chaff, but I wear the mask.
All of a sudden I feel a peeling.
Tears, Anger, Pain, Joy, Relief have shone through.
The man behind the mask has grown and the storm has finally been released.
The storm as wreaked havoc over the city, but it has not destroyed anything or anyone.
The man behind the mask has been freed.
The mask burned.

I Have No Words

Right now, I have no words to say.   I have feelings that are killing me on the inside.   I have feelings of shock, hurt, and disgust.   So much I want to do and  so much harm I want to cause. I gave you my friendship. I gave you my heart.  You've seen the ugly part of me. I thought you were real, but now you've shown your true colors. All because I've disagreed with you, You've gone on a campaign against me. Yes, you've seen my flaws  and you know some secrets, but its funny how you want to expose me  for a fraud, when its you who is the fraud. Good day, Mate, Our friendship is dead.

In A Perfect World

In a perfect world there is me and you. Love divine, happiness,  and joy unspeakable. We are able to profess our love and have that beautiful soiree and gathering  we so desire. Only in a perfect world. Religion tell us we can't. Bigotry condemns us. This world ain't perfect, but we still have that love and we will have that soiree and gathering. We'll make our world perfect. We are perfect.

Leaving You Behind

On a Friday Night, I leave your house.
I leave feelings, desires, and stolen moments behind.
I realize that the ride was fun, but it was a louse.
Time that was wasted where I could have shined.
However, the prison you held me in, I've freed myself from.
I take this time to say, I'm leaving.
As I drive toward my brighter future
I drive away from you and leave you standing in the dust.
Don't worry, You won't find me.
The Past is the Past,
I'm Leaving You Behind