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I'm having one of those moments where I want to tell some people "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!:  With me preparing to move to DC next year, I'm catching a lot of lip from all sorts of unnecessary, non mofo factors.
  I've had people comment that I'm moving to DC for a man and that I'm running from my problems.  I've even had people that are mad because I'm trying to do something with my life.  Hell, I've out grown South Carolina. #NOSHADE, but Honey I need something that I can really expand my horizons.   I've been told "Honey, you can do the same thing down here in SC." Of course my reply is "Umm, Baby, HELL NO!!!!"
I've been in SC most of my life and I feel it is time for me to move on. Everyone moves and shifts their life.  I know some people are ready for me to fail, but I refuse to fail or fall on my face.  I'm like Ledisi when she say "SHUT UP!!!I'm not being rude or bitchy, but hell, just shut up.  Stop bei…