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Celebrate You

Celebrate you. Forget What People Want You To Be. Celebrate Your Being. Yannick

Change Your Thinking


@OfficialSampson Black Gay Men & Low Self Esteem

Comedian, Writer, and Activist, Sampson McCormick makes us laugh, but he will also make you think. Known for his hit comedy "That Bitch Better Be Funny," (which is available on iTunes), Sampson recently released a video concerning Black Gay Men and Low Self Esteem. Sampson deals with those that hide in the club, Gay Bash from the pulpit, as well as deal with those who are hyper-masculine who are Down-Low but always have something to say against the LGBT Community in which they are apart of. Check out his video below.

Being Content

I'm content with how God has made me.

Self Hatred and Black Gay Men: SOUND OFF Y'ALL!!!

Today, I haven't posted a picture for this entry because I really couldn't find anything, in my honest opinion, that would fit this topic. Today's topic is Self Hatred and the Black LGBT Community.   This entry stems from a post on Facebook that was a picture of some young men that appeared to be in their late teens to early twenties. They were dressed in what we call "cunt" clothes, meaning they were dressed feminine, yet stylish.  However, as I read the comments of course there was the normal "I don't mind fem dudes, but I won't date them,"  and "They look fabulous."  Some comments also encouraged the young men to express themselves.   However, one comment ticked me off royally, came from a misogynistic, self loathing, donkey's behind. He stated "I find this repulsive. They look ridiculous."  He even had the gall to state that like some of those "Sissies" as Donkey's Behind stated  From "Paris is …

Love From Within

As I sit and write this post.  My mind goes to the struggles that I've had in life and the time in which I lived to please other people.  It was a damaging event that lasted almost 25 years, but as I've grown since my coming out in 2010, I've grown so much.
  As I've grown, I've stopped looking for validation in other people. I've learned to find the love from within. That love that tells me I'm wonderfully and fearfully made. This past weekend as I went to a birthday party and also went out with friends, I saw that I stand out, which is cool, but it didn't bother me as it has in the past. I actually like the fact that I'm not in certain circles.
  I noticed that my train of thought is much different than others in my age group. I have goals that I want to achieve. Granted, we all have room for improvement and that we are daily maturing.
 I encourage you to look in the mirror and tell yourself "I LOVE YOU!!!"  This is one of my many ma…



Live in the Sunshine #RETWEET

"Live in the Sunshine," is what I'm doing now.  For a while, I had been suffering from burn out.  I've been overworked, irritated, agitated, pissed of, and really tired.  However, it has often taken an epiphany to wake me out of things. For that I am thankful.  I've decided to make some changes.
  I understand that I must crawl before I walk, but I do believe that things are about to shift for my greatness not just for my good. I've set some plans in motion and I've made plans. I'm going to do what Ralph Emerson told me to do "Live in the Sunshine, Swim the sea, Drink the Wild Air."
  To me that means "Live Your Life, BOY!!!!"  Living is what I'm about to do.  I've stopped worrying about being single, being broke, and all this other malarkey and bull crap, and I've decided to take life as it comes.  I understand I'm going to have to use wisdom, but that's life. You live and you learn.
 It's funny that I&…

Swallowing is Healthy

These Dang Feelings

I hate feeling like this. I hate feeling like a total failure.  For some reason, I just can't seem to come to grips with the fact that I'm yet single again.  Is there something wrong with me? Am I a black widow? Am I some cursee or under a curse that I knew nothing about.
  Today as I ventured out into the mall, I saw other happy couples of various types and I smiled, but it was so hard for me to mask the pain that I feel inside.  See, a few weeks ago me and my boo parted ways and I was devastated.  The reason being was number one the way in which the boo broke up with me, the second part was because of the fact there was limited communication and just really no explanation.  Don't get me wrong, I've had my share of suitors and have my share of callers, but no one really worth my time.  I just don't understand.
  What did I do wrong?  The break up was partly because I didn't meet certain "qualities" such as being overly macho and overdosed on testo…