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Writers Block Again, CRAP!!!

Every now and then, I go through a period in which I have no idea as to what write in this blog.  Unfortunately, again, it is at that point again.  I have so much that I want to say, but I don't know where to begin.
  I could write about how stressful life has been since I've moved back in with Uncle Dearest.  Its like I can't freaking focus on anything that I would like to do or write.  I can't even focus on music or spending time with my boo because every 5 minutes, my name is getting called because the jack-ass is too lazy to do anything for his damned self. I could write about how much I want another job and to move to Washington D.C. but it seems like I can never find the job that I need nor a place to stay and it seems as if nothing is going my way or the way I planned it.
  Maybe I should write about howI feel that my creative juices are suffering as a result of all the stress and stupidity from my uncle. OR maybe I should write about me discovering myself a…

This Too Shall Pass Away

There is a song by the late Phyllis Hyman that says "This Too Shall Pass Away."These are words that I live by. I do believe that the current storm that I've been in shall pass away.
  Here lately, I've been feeling a bit over worked and stressed out and wanting some personal changes. I've also been grieving also with the calamities of the world. It can be a bit overwhelming.  All I can do is pray and try not to focus on it. I do believe that this too shall pass away.
  It seems that at every turn there is something to piss me off or someone to get on my nerves and not let me be to my lonesome. Even my own, Love Interest knows I need my space. However, he is very supportive at this time as he helps me prepare for an even in Atlanta this weekend.
  I just need to really get away from it all. This weekend will be a weekend of rest and working on some things for Musique. I really need to  just take more time for me.  I refuse to die of  a stroke, heart attack, or…

When My Words are Few 1/28/2014

Hey Guys, It's a new day.  I really don't have much to say.  For some reason I've been extremely tired. I'm not sure if it is a case of burnout or if its a case of just being overworked.  I think I'm about to start back exercising on the regular. Something has got to give. Please Keep me in your prayers,

Taking Some Time

In life we can become very busy that we neglect to take some time for ourselves.  With the hustle and bustle of everyday life we can become a little frustrated, agitated, and in need of a good Xanax!!!
  Well Over the course of the next few days I will be taking some me time to rest and relax. There may be a couple days this week in which I'm inactive.  Its okay to take a break.
Love ya,



This week has been one crazy week.  With screaming customers in my ear, people starting unnecessary drama, and unexpected bills, It's time for a brotha like me to scream!!!!   Granted I did attempt to destress by meditating and going to the gym, only to face it all again. As I write this blog, I just want to scream at the top of my lungs and just tear some stuff up. Good thing, I know how to control my anger and pray about it.  I guess its just one of those weeks where we are tested to see how we will react to certain situations. God knows I'm feeling the pressure.   I guess it's time to scream!!!!

♫Musique's Poetry♫

Its Wednesday... READY FOR THE WEEKEND!!!!

After a long hard day at work, It is good to be home and able to relax. No noise, no nagging people, no phones, ringing, just silence.  How I value SILENCE!!!!
  The last few days have been a bit trying and I've experienced a few sleepless nights that have been filled with prayer.  Thank God for the silence. I'm just glad that that the weekend is steadily approaching. I am happy.    This weekend is also the time we celebrate the Passover as well as Christ's Resurrection.  I know this weekend will be busy, but Hey I will be relaxing at the same time.  It's the middle of the week and I aim to finish researching somethings for the music industry as well as somethings that I plan to do for future ventures.
See ya,



Some Days

art work by Keith Harris
Right now, I want to be in seclusion. I've come to this conclusion that a few days away will be the right solution. Maybe I need a magic potion, to dissolve all of this  dastardly emotion. However, I brought this on myself with constant worrying and strife. I guess that's life. Some Days I don't want to be bothered. Some Days I just want to fly away. Some Days I want to laugh. Other Days I just want to sleep. Some Days I'm up. Some Days I'm down. Some Days I write. Some Days I sing. Some Days I walk. I Guess that's the life for me.