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Stupidity and Musique Do NOT MIX!!!

One thing I have a low tolerance for is stupidty.  Unfortunately everyday that I go to work or deal with people in general, I have to deal with stupidty.  Stupidity is one of those things that really anger me and may have it's consequences.   I work in a field in which I deal with the general public and I have that one in every bunch that tests my character and ability to not yell "You idiot." It's something when you deal with argumentative people that are upset over something that is their fault!!! I've had people wonder why their account was closed or why they are receiving a notice of cancellation...Apparently there was no payment received on your account...They often times act like I had something to do with it.   Not only do I deal with it at work, but even with family.  There's always that one family member who has your screwed up. For instance, Uncle Dearest often has stupid moments. Just last night Uncle Dearest asked if I wanted to sample a dish tha…

Overly Religious People

Religious People are Stupid to Me.   I say this because only religious people will point out everyone else's flaws except their own.  I was reading over a blog dedicated to "exposing homosexuality" and "keeping God's people informed," and all I saw was a lot of judgmental filth.  It was through speculation that certain Gospel artists were gay and that some churches should be closed for having homosexuals in the church.  I read some of it and it seems as if a self hating gay himself wrote it.   I will not publish the name of this blog simply because they have no reason being listed on THIS BLOG!!!!     I was at a point to where I almost stopped believing in God because of these overly religious people.  Not to mention that since my teens I was persecuted by the church because of my femininity and the fact that I did sag or act like the other boys, but that was just me.  I didn't know that God had a problem with anybody. Maybe the things people do that a…