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The Gay and Trans Legal Defense Prohibition Act of 2018

The Gay Panic and Trans Legal Defenses are so-called "legal defense" used for people who have committed hate crimes against Trans and Queer People. Here's an article I wrote on Senator Edward Markey (D-Mass) and Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass) introducing a bill that prohibits the use of such defenses, which are really just piss poor excuses. The Gay and Transgender Panic Defense

HRT for 10 Months and Emotional Rollercoaster

So It has been 10 months since I've started hormone replacement therapy. I'm loving the progress of it all. my breasts are growing and I'm feminizing greatly. However it is those damn mood swings that have been getting to me.
Today started out like any other day. It was calm and copacetic. I had to be up a bit earlier today however due to a dentist appointment. Afterwards, I came home to rest before starting my shift at work.
Now I must admit that work was trying as hell!!! People didn't want to listen. Co-workers getting on my damn nerves, and I just felt overwhelmed.  Well it all came to a head when I got off from work.
I tried to pray through my emotions, but all I could do was cry. I called my best friend and talked to him and I still felt like shit.  I also decided to get some hamburger helper and cook, since that always makes me feel better.  However I cried as I cooked.
I had been forwarned that when I started HRT that I would be an emotional wreck, However I f…

Black, Trans, & Beautiful Now on Thursdays

Black, Trans, & Beautiful, a podcast from the Black Trans Perspective will now be posting on Thursdays. With a change in schedule comes a change in production.  However, If you would like the episode before The Thursday release on iTunes, Googleplay, Spotify, and Stitcher, as well as bonus unaired episodes, go to our Patron page at . You can also support our Patreon at to keep the Podcast going.
  We love our listeners and our patrons and we want to give you the best show ever!!!

Live, Love, Be Free

Live, Love and Be Free.
Be Free to Be You.
Join the Live, Love, Be Free campaign.
It is geared to help Transgender, Nonbinary, Gendernonconforming, and Queer People
It is a component of the Black, Trans & Beautiful Podcast to further our reach to those needing
help, resources, and a voice in this world.

Wednesday's Thoughts: Going Through Changes

It's been 2 months since I've started hormone replacement therapy and continued on the journey to "Yannick." It has been a journey and a half. Through mental, emotional, and physical changes, I am processing this better than I thought.
  There has been some challenges. One of those being coming out to my family as a whole. My Mom, Dad, and Step Mom and siblings all know, but however there are a few close relatives such as my Grandmother and Uncle who don't know. Maybe they know or maybe they are in denial. However, I am waiting until I move to the DMV to really come out. The reason being South Carolina won't have to owe me anything.
  I'm getting my mindset back after the passing of my beloved uncle and I'm refocused on the things that I love doing. I don't think people really understand what one with mental illness especially being transgender deal with on a daily basis. Depression and Anxiety is real. I just wish people didn't always give…

Tomi Lahren and Jazz Go Head to Head


Bodak Black Power

Coming Out Transgender at Work from The Gender Rebels Podcast @TheGenderRebels

Transitioning is a process and is one heck of a journey. The Gender Rebels Podcast, Gives advice to the Transgender Community, In regards to "Coming Out Trangender at Work."

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The Topic will be HIV/AIDS Education, Awareness, Prevention, and Dating 
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Sexualized, Black, and Transgender

So It's been it's been six months since I became a single lady. I'm not complaining, however I've decided to give dating a try.  Nothing wrong with a girl trying is it?
  One of the many woes that I have when it comes to entering back into the dating game is the fact that I encounter guys that only see transwomen as a fetish!!!  I am quick to remind them that I am a human being and not just a sex object.  Is this because of how men already view women in itself and could it be that society have made being transgender a sexual fantasy?
  Most of the messages that I get in my inbox are from men who are married and looking to fulfill some sort of sexual desire or some horny guy that thicks his penis or open butthole is a great introduction or first impression.  With these actions I am quickly repulsed and agitated.
  I am quickly thinking that I've made a mistake in trying to date right now.  Yes, I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor, but damn can a woman, …

What is Transgender Ep1 of Black, Trans, and Beautiful

Why I Don't Go to Church @YannickTMusic


I'm Transgender, Not Desperate


I Haven't Really Told Them Who I Am

So Many of you know that it is a bumpy road with my family, especially me being an openly Gay Preacher, especially with me being a Transwoman!!!    The preface of this post comes after an argument, that I quickly de-escalated earlier tonight. Unfortunately I am living with "uncle dearest" and he threw up the fact that me wearing heels "depresses" him. Which I partly understand, but the head strong Pisces in me is saying "how is what I'm doing life affecting you, when you ain't buy sugar honey iced tea of mine."   I get it. Due to his religious and bigoted beliefs, he refuses to address my gender identity and my sexual orientation. But I'm used to it.   However, Although on this past Christmas in a drunken argument with my sperm donor, I simply yelled that I'm gay and transgender and that I preferred to be called Yannick. I haven't really had a formal sit down. One reason is because I'm living with a relative who I'm coming…

New Things for Me

It feels like an eternity since I've last blogged on this website!!!  I've been doing a lot. Many of you all have seen my videos here from Youtube and What not.    The last few weeks have been kind of stressful and trying however I've found the silver lining in the dark clouds of life. I've found the bright side to the struggles called life.

Hard Versus Soft: The Demand to Pass

Being a Transwoman is hard enough. It is even harder when people require you to pass. Let me clarify what The Priestess is saying.
  Passing in the Transgender Community means that is successfully scene and acknowledge as the gender that they are portraying. For example as a transwoman it is considered a travesty if you look "hard in the face" or have any resemblance to that of a man.  If you look "hard" you will get called a "brick" instead of soft and cunt.
  As an trangender recording artist, I get the same schpill from my peers; "Yannick you should work on looking softer."  In the back of my mind I'm thinking "Bitch am I a damn pillow?"
  Let me educate you Cis gender people on something. When a person transitions they do not do the transition to please you, but to please themselves. They are not trying to be the next beauty queen or next big star, they are just trying to be liberated and wanting to be loved.  The constant g…

Don't Ask About My Genitals: Advice from a GenderQueer/Trans Person of Color

I have some advice to those who are curious about MTF, FTM, and Other Transgender people. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ABOUT GENITALS OR DICK!!!   Why am I giving this advice?  Well Let's see, It is fucking RUDE!!!  It is disrespectful.  This advice comes after a Facebook message that The Priestess received on last night.  In it a man that we'll call "Daddy O,"  who knows what the Priestess is working with in the Penile region, stated that he saw that I was transitioning and that he loved that I had a nice penis. He simply asked "What are you going to do with it." He also stated that he was hoping that I would not get rid of it.   I was taken aback at his ignorance. I was also irritated as hell.  For starters I did want to tell him "Sir, You don't own any parts of me. So you cannot dictate my transition and what I do with my body."  I felt as if I had been violently violated and prodded and controlled.  I was pissed.     However, this Priestess put on…