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The Gay and Trans Legal Defense Prohibition Act of 2018

The Gay Panic and Trans Legal Defenses are so-called "legal defense" used for people who have committed hate crimes against Trans and Queer People. Here's an article I wrote on Senator Edward Markey (D-Mass) and Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass) introducing a bill that prohibits the use of such defenses, which are really just piss poor excuses. The Gay and Transgender Panic Defense

In Pride London, Lesbians Protest Against Transpeople

So Recently in Pride London , Lesbians and TERFS decided to protest against Transwomen. You can't be a feminist and be transphobic Listen to Black, Trans, & Beautiful as we sound off

The Word Faggot Vs the Word Bitch Can You Say It?

The Word "Faggot" Vs the Word "Bitch" Can You Say It?

Ginuwine Labeled "Transphobic" for Rejecting Transwoman's Advances

Is Ginuwine Transphobic or a Victim of Sexual harassment? From my understanding if someone makes an unwanted advance at you, then you have a right to say "HELL NO!"

#45, Transphobia #IreneChallenge #KennekaJenkins

Black Folks and Heteronormativity

Let me begin this post about defining Heteronormativity.  Heteronormativity is the belief that people fall into distinct and complementary genders (man and woman) with natural roles in life. It asserts that heterosexuality is the only sexual orientation or only norm, and states that sexual and marital relations are most (or only) fitting between people of opposite sexes.

  Since I have began my transition from male to female, Heteronormativity has been constantly thrown in my face. I can't help because I am Gay and I refuse to help or get counseling because I am a proud Black Transgender Woman!!!  I am a woman with purpose!!!    Heteronormativity showed up while I was getting my hair styled by my best friend.  My uncle opens his transphobic mouth with "why are you getting those braids so long."
My response was "because I want to,"   and I continue to gab with my best friend.   It really pissed me off. For the last year and a half my family aka my dad's s…

Compassion for Kim Burrell?

By now many of you are aware of the recent comments by a former favorite of mine, Kim Burrell. Kim Burrell was recorded via Facebook live as calling LGBT, SGL, and those in the family as "perverted" and that we are going to hell.  Needless to say she has gay hairstylists, background singers, and more on her staff which behooves the hell out of me as why she would even go that route.  Not to mention she bashed Bishop Eddie Long concerning his health in which she knows nothing about the situation.  If you read the clip, Kimmie showed no mercy at all towards the Gays and Lesbians.
  As a result of her words and hate speech, Kim Burrell, lost her appearance on Ellen and her KTSU radio show, Bridging the Gap.  Well we now know that is a XXX Large Gap to Bridge.  Kim has also been disinvited to the BMI, Trailblazers Ceremony due to her big mouth.
  Now although she showed us, the LGBT Community no compassion, shouldn't we show her compassion?  I'm only asking because w…

Being Transgender and Facing The Gay Community

Well the last few hours have been VERY interesting.  I was on a social media site and I did a forum post on celibacy and this is the response I got:

@carterpeace1990 The Golden Gyrados' Response to Misgendering #NSFW

The Golden Gyrado has one of the greatest radio shows on Youtube. The Golden Gyrado sounds off on Misgendering in his latest video.

Break Ups and Open Doors

Happy Thursday Everyone
I pray that all is well with you all.
Well The last couple days have been quite an experience for me.
For starters me and my beau that I bragged so much about,
broke up a couple days ago. The reason for the break up was due to me not accepting 
responsibility for a mess that HE made out of his life.

For those that know me, you know that I REFUSE to take responsibility for someone else's 
decisions and laziness. He then began to make transphobic and self hating posts on Instagram.
Kudos to him for being an asshole.
He told me that I was his anger and embarrassment, because I am genderqueer and feminine. His
thoughts are that men who transition to women are running away from being a man and that
they need to man up. Which is some of the most dumb shit I've ever heard.
However I'm not letting his insecurity, narcissism and bitterness affect me.
It did hurt because I loved him and I held him down when no one else would..
However doors have opened up fo…

Don't Call Me "FAG"

Earlier today, as I was in the forums of one the infamous well known Black Gay Chat Sites, I noticed that one forum author and regular always uses the word "Fag."  The word "faggot" and any variation is used as an insult towards homosexual men.  In the Gay Community it is also a term used to mean that a Gay person is full of drama and messy.   Let's examine the real meaning of the word faggot. The word means a bundle of sticks which was a burden to be carried. It comes from the french Fagot.  In the 16th Century the "F" word became an epithet for a woman, mainly a shrewish,  bad tempered woman. From that point it began to denote feminine qualities.  However in the 20th century, is when the "F" word became a derogatory term to denote gay men and feminine gay men alike.   What is my issue with this word? My issue is that I am not a bundle of sticks and nor am I a burden.  I hate when people especially other members of the LGBT Community use…